Coaching Call – Transformation Challenge Week 7: Embodiment (Video Transcription)

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Hello, everyone. Thank you so much for joining us for week seven. Week seven, we’re talking about embodiment and the importance of embodiment. And how that plays a huge role in the way that you your body loses fat and the way that you transform your physical body. The way you transform your whole being into what you were wanting to attain and live in the rest of your life. When I say «live in,» that means this physical body that houses the very essence of you. That physical body when you are embodied in it and you feel in your body, then you will create results, experience results that you’ve never had before.

We have disconnected our head and our body. We’ve severed that communication. Typically when people go through hard experiences in their life, tough times, times that usually weight gain follows. Then you experienced this just yuck feeling all through your soul. The very being of you doesn’t feel right. And you go on merry-go-round dieting and you’re up and down, roller coaster ride of your life, of going up and down with your weight. This diet, that diet.

Well, as you know in the NewYou90 program, this is it. We have decided as a whole that we are done with that. That we are ready to live free in a body that we love. Tonight, I am opening you up to the embodiment practice. So much fun, so much fun. Let me begin sharing my slides with you so that we can move on.

Embodiment is a fun practice that will help you the whole way through your process of losing. Of losing. You can create lasting results just by being embodied because you’ve actually reconnected the mind to the body. You have nurtured that relationship again to where they’re not beating each other up, but to where they actually reside as a whole and function as a whole and operate together versus separately. It’s a very fun practice embodiment is and I am thrilled to be sharing it with you tonight during our week seven of the NewYou90 Challenge. All right, let’s go after it.

Announcements and check in. Tonight. I’m wanting to just remind you of our Facebook. On Thursdays at 12 noon. The live Q&A on Thursdays at 12 noon. Please send in your questions. You can message me through Facebook. Message your question there or you can email it to Please don’t forget that my name does not have an E in it. It is A-S-H-L-Y. T as in Tom. T-O-R-I-A. That is We’d love to have your questions for that Q&A. I love helping you and guiding you through this. When things pop up, please reach out. I am here for you.

Also I want you to take a moment to check in with yourself. Where are you? Where do you stand in this challenge? Where do you stand in this 90 day process? We are just past the halfway point. And do you feel that you are halfway to the point that you wanted to reach at 90 days? Do you feel like you’re ahead? Do you feel like you’re behind a little bit? Wherever you are on this spectrum really doesn’t matter. What matters is is that you show up every single day. What matters is is that you practice. You practice on nourish days. You practice on cleanse days. You practice doing your very, very, very best. We persevere in this program because perseverance strengthens you.

In perseverance you can overcome. Perseverance. It’s one of the greatest teachers ever. You can do this. You really can. You just have your eye on the goal. Have your eye on your inspiration. Have your eye on what drives you in your life. That’s where your eye is and then everything else will just follow. Because the way you eat on nourish days and cleanse days has become a habit of sorts at this point. Now you have down your meal planning. How you pack your foods. How you pack your food bag. How you do your dinner when you get home at night. It’s all been mapped out for you the last six weeks. You’ve had six weeks of practice. Now at this point, it’s a matter of just walking through, right?

You just walk through it and you have your eye on what drives you. That is the key to success. Check in and see where you are right now. But let’s get going on embodiment. Embodiment is giving form to ideas that are not physical. When you think of the word joy. Joy, when you want to embody joy, you’re giving form to that word. To the meaning of that word. You’re giving form to it. Which means joy actually has a chemical process within your body. And if you’ve ever felt joy, which I’m sure all of you have, you have felt joy at one time or another. Then you know what that feels like.

The difference in your chemistry from sadness to one of joy is completely different. In this program, what we want to do, if you will think back to how I introduced you to the sympathetic nervous system and parasympathetic nervous system. When we are embodied with joy, we are in parasympathetic. Our body is burning fat. When we are embodying sadness and worry then our body is in… What I mean by sadness is that sadness that is so deep that you’re really worrying. Right? Then you are storing fat and burning muscle for energy. That’s the sympathetic nervous system.

When I talk about embodiment, there’s several different ways you can feel embodiment. When there is a time for sadness, you want to embody sadness, and you want to be all there with the sadness so that you can process and move on. But then when there is a time for joy, you want to totally embody joy and be there with the joy and let joy be processed through you.

Embodying our emotions is so vitally important for the health of our body. When we embody, we are personifying the word we want to create and feel which means that we are giving form to that word. To joy, to happiness, to strength, in compassion, we’re giving form to that and we feel that within us. Then when we are also embodied, we can then express it. If you have embodied joy then when you embody, you can express that word you’re wanting to create and feel so much easier. Then also what is so beautiful about this is when we embody we can also manifest it. That is contagious.

When you feel joy and you embody joy, that is when it becomes contagious and it can melt into other people. It brings into other people and feeds into them. Therefore, you have just created this joy all around you. It’s not only within you, but it’s on the outside of you as well and you’re sharing it with other people. That’s what embodiment is all about in the deepest meaning of the word. What we’re wanting to do in this practice is we are wanting to embody ourselves and all that we’re experiencing in this process.

I didn’t hide me. There we go. Well, still a little bit in the way, but you should be able to see most of those words. When we are embodied, when we exercise, our focus, we are mono-focused on the movement of our body. When you’re exercising, breathing is such a huge proponent of that. You want to make sure you’re not holding your breath because embodiment only happens when we are breathing. When we have a breath cycle. In and out. Deeply. Fully.

That’s when we’re embodied when we can feel that. The same thing was with pleasure, you can’t experience pleasure unless you have that breath as well. With embodiment, you probably felt embodiment when you were experiencing pleasure this past week. When you’re practicing it. But when you are an exercise and you’re exercising your body, breathe fully and completely, and you want your focus and attention to be on the physical movements of your body and how that movement feels.

Let’s say you’re doing a bicep curl and you have a dumbbell in your hand and you’re bending your elbow and bringing that dumbbell up towards your shoulder. That’s a bicep curl. When you do that, and do this right now with me. Bend that elbow and pretend you have a dumbbell up. 10, 20, 30, 40 pound dumbbell. However heavy you want it to be. Pretend you’re bending your elbow and raising that up towards your shoulder and feel the way the muscle in the front of your arm, which is the bicep, on the anterior portion of the arm. Put your mind right there in that muscle and feel it contract.

Do this over and over and you begin to feel a burning sensation. When you’re pretending you have weight in your hand, you’re contracting that muscle as it’s coming up. You pretend you have weight and you’re lifting weight with it. Now do that over and over and if it helps, put your hand on that muscle as you’re doing this. And as you’re bending your arm over and over again, you’ll begin to feel that burn. What else do you feel? You feel the muscle pump up. You feel blood flow there. What else are you feeling? Do you feel your shoulder tightening up as well? Do you feel the upper back supporting the arm while it’s in motion? Do you feel that tension back there? Holding the weight of this arm as its way down with a dumbbell.

Do you feel the center of your body tightening up and pulling in a little bit slightly in one direction in order to hold you centered and balanced? What else do you feel? Allow yourself to sink into your body as you do this movement. It’s a simple movement, but you can feel it in your body in so many different areas.

That is a simple example of what it feels to be embodied. You can do this with full body movements. If you’re a yoga lover and you love to do yoga, feel the flexibility and mobility and the range of movement of your body. As you move, keep your mind and your attention focused within and how it feels to move and stretch and your body will speak to you. Your body will let you know if you’ve gone too far. And you’ll need to pull back a little bit. When you’re embodied and giving your physical body the full attention of you then your body will begin to communicate with you, letting you know how that exercise is benefiting you or what you need to do to change your exercise so it can benefit you even more. When you’re embodied, you completely feel you’re in the moment with your physical body. Understanding all that it needs. Isn’t that wonderful?

I have an activity for you this week. It is called the mirror activity and I am going to place this in the documents file on the Facebook page tomorrow. There is going to be a mirror activity in the documents and you are going to be able to walk through this mirror activity so that you can begin to feel more in alignment with your physical body and the changes that you’re going through. Have you ever heard of people going on those extreme diets, let’s say the full liquid diet, and they lose all of that weight? 100 pounds, 150 pounds. Only to gain it back.

One of the reasons for this is the lack of environment practice. As your body is changing form and you are transforming your physical body, you will be undergoing changes and it’s very important for you to see those changes and not turn a blind eye to them. We must take responsibility for our habits, our behaviors, the new habits and behaviors we’re implementing, and the results that those new habits and behaviors give us. If we do not fully embody and take that responsibility, then when we get to the end of our journey, we tend to forget, and we don’t feel right in this body because it’s foreign. We don’t understand it. We don’t understand how it operates. We don’t resonate with it. It’s not us because we’re used to seeing us as the person before with the bad habits and the bad behaviors. How can I transform if that new body doesn’t resonate with me? If I’m not embodied in that new body. There’s no way to stay there.

This is a practice that is very important, especially if you have a large number of weight, fat weight, body fat percent, whatever it is that you’re losing. You want to wrap your brain around this concept of embodiment and pleasure. Both of them together. Embodiment and pleasure because it’s vitally important that you get to know your body as it’s changing and that you adapt to it. That you are embodied in it, you understand it, you have a relationship with your physical body and understanding. So that as that weight disappears and you become a smaller version of you, that you know how to relate to that body. You know how to relate to you.

I hope that makes sense. If you have any questions over this concept, please feel free to reach out to me. I would love to help you with this. This is a big component to transforming your body for the final time. Right? We don’t want to do this again. We want to get to our goal and live in a body that we love. One way of doing that is by this embodiment practice. As you’re nourishing your body with wholesome nutrition and supplementation, doing the embodiment practice with pleasure. I’m going to post that mirror activity tomorrow in documents. I will also make that announcement on the Facebook group so everyone sees it

Yes, don’t you love Home Play [Phonetic 00:16:41]? Home Play materials are so fun. Love them All right, moving right along. All right so this is something I want to point out is embodiment is manifesting the feeling that you want to envelop body and soul, right? When something disappoints or crushes you, the moment the experience occurs, you can identify that feeling. You’ve just embodied it. If something disappoints you and you feel that in your body, it’s an emotional chemistry. That is when you just embodied. You have felt it.

Same thing with happiness. When someone just gives you some really good news, all of a sudden that emotional energy just rushes through you. You just embodied happiness. If it’s that easy to embody an emotion, then why don’t we do this all the time with all the sacred metabolizers? With love. Excuse me. With love, courage, commitment, compassion, faith, forgiveness, surrender, and gratitude. If our body can embody an emotion within 10 seconds… Actually a millisecond. Our body can embody emotion in a millisecond. Why aren’t we doing more of the sacred metabolizers and bringing joy into a pleasure? Happiness? Yes. That’s what we want to embody. That will put us in a pleasure chemistry arena where we are burning fat all the time. That’s what we want.

All right, so activities that will help us with this. Let’s see if I can get rid of this. Oh, sorry about that. One second. All right. Deep belly breathing will help you embody. Just by deep belly breathing. When you deep belly breathe. There are several different ways that you can do this exercise. One is the 4-7-7. Where you take a breath in for a count of four. A full breath in. You hold it for seven seconds. And then you exhale. I’m sorry, I just said that backwards. Inhale for a count of seven. Hold for seven. And then exhale for four. Very quickly. That is one type of breathing. So it’s inhale for seven, hold for seven, exhale for four, really quick.

Another way to deep belly breathe is just a very slow inhale. So a very slow inhale where you begin with the diaphragm. Imagine you’re breathing in through a straw and that straws connected to the diaphragm right above your stomach. So you breathe in through the nose. Hold it for three seconds and exhale through the nose. You went to exhale from the diaphragm first, I’m sorry, the top of the lungs first. I am speaking backwards tonight. So sorry. You are exhaling from the top of the lungs and emptying all the way through the diaphragm. The diaphragm is the last thing that pushes the rest of the air out.

So take a long, slow, deep breath in. Belly first, then fill up the lungs all the way to the top. Hold for two to three counts. And then exhale slowly again for a count of seven, starting with the top of the lungs, going all the way down to the diaphragm and exhaling. Let that diaphragm be the final push for everything out. When you do deep belly breathing it is helpful to do two or three of those and then take a small break and do a regular breath for two to three and then go back to the deep belly breathing. Otherwise you could get lightheaded. So you want to watch that.

Meditation is a another great way to be embodied. I sent a meditation in an earlier email so be sure and grab hold of that. Yoga, swimming, dancing, weightlifting, intimacy, eating. When you’re in a state of awareness, you are embodied what you’re eating. Play. It’s that childlike zest that puts us in our body. Laughing, giggling. All of that brings us into our body. If laughter embodies us, we would want to do a lot more laughing wouldn’t we? Start laughing more in your life. Laugh at the most mundane things. Laugh at the silly things that happen. Or sometimes you might get upset with yourself because you felt like it was a mistake or you drop something or whatever. Instead of getting upset about it, laugh about it. Laugh about it. Yes.

Embodiment. So much fun. Such a fun practice. So you want to do the next step. The next step of embodiment is to manifest. So do you remember the three things you personify? That you express and then you manifest. So this is the area where we manifest. We want to see what we want to create in our life. We want to see what the kind of body we want to create. So visualize the shape of your body. The health of your body that you truly desire. Then as your eyes are closed and you’re saying it, you want to feel with it. You want to see, «Okay, what does it feel like for my stomach to be that shape? My waistline to be like that. What does that feel like? What does it feel like to be in that body? How do I carry it? What does that look like?»

And then you want to be it so as you’re feeling it, you are becoming it. Then you want to move around. What does it feel like when I’m moving around in this body? When I’m getting dressed in the morning, what does it feel like? The mobility of my body. The flexibility of my body. What does it feel like to be in this body that is healthy and vibrant? That is the size that I love. That I’ve always wanted to be. Walk around in that body. Literally walk around. We are visioning this at first. We’re seeing in our mind’s eye, but then when we be it, we want to actually walk around. What’s that feel like to be like that. Then we declare it. We declare it out loud. We declare that we are healthy, vibrant, shapely, muscular, strong. Whatever it is that identifies the new body that you’re transforming into. You want to declare that out loud. I am and say whatever it is.

Declare out loud. The body, the physical body, who you are in that body. Who you’re personifying. Declare it out loud. Step into awareness of embodiment. Be there. Be all in it. Pick an activity, whether it’s the visualizing and manifesting your desired life and your desired body. Or if it is a new form of activity that you want to bring into your life like yoga or Tai Chi or Qi Gong. Any of those embody practices. Dancing. And then step into that activity and take note of what you feel. Where you feel it. How does your body move like this and surrender and have fun.

Surrender and have fun when you’re manifesting embodiment. Yes, yes, yes. It is so much fun. So you see it, you feel it, you be it, and you declare it. Yes. That is the way you manifest it. Have fun with that. Embodiment is such a fun practice. Get crazy with this one, y’all. Just take off the chains that bind you. It is time to loosen up a little bit and have fun with embodiment and pleasure. These two go together. So week six and week seven go together. Practice them together. When you’re embodied, seek pleasure. When you’re having pleasure, seek embodiment.

This journey of yours will take on a whole new look, a whole new experience, that will resonate with you. That will be fun. That will have you burning fat like never before. It will also transform you so that when you are in that body that you’ve always wanted to be in, the strength, the curves, the mobility, the muscularity, whatever it is, then you will resonate with it. You will be at one with it and this roller coaster ride of dieting motions will never happen again.

Embody your body and have so much fun with it. So much fun with it. All right, that is all that I have for you tonight. Enjoy this. Have so much fun with it. Remember, if you need anything, have any questions, message me on Facebook. I will get right to it and get back with you so that we can get a discussion going around what is ailing you. What is troubling you or what is victorious for you. We always love to celebrate so be sure and celebrate.

Send your celebrations to me because I love, love that and share it on the Facebook group because the whole group loves to hear. The whole group wants to join in in celebrating your experiences and your successes. Have a great week seven. I look forward to talking with you on Thursday at our Q&A. Enjoy and have a wonderful evening. Good night, everybody.

Recorded and current as of February 18, 2019

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