Do I Exercise When I’m Sick?

There are a lot of coughs and colds running I am often presented with this question…..Should I continue to work out? The answer is both yes and no.  Working out while under the weather can be a good thing!  It could possibly help you to get well faster! Woo Hoo…give me some of that!

Workout intensity at a moderate pace (60% of the max heart rate) actually increases your immune system! Those that exercise regularly don’t get sick with a cold as often as those who don’t exercise. However, a workout intensity of 70-90% of max heart rate reduces the immune system for a period of  time immediately following the workout.  When feeling under the weather or if you are still in the recovery process and want to get back started on exercise….the best course of action is working out at 60% of your max heart rate.  Hold off on increasing the intensity of your workout for 1 to 2 weeks depending on how ill you were.

This is great news! You don’t have to give up your workouts….. just slow them down a bit.  You can always pick up the pace when you are well.  The important thing is to let the body heal with the increased power of your immune system. On a side note: If you are running fever….your body is telling you to REST! If you are achy and tired with no energy…your body is telling you to REST! Listen to your body…trust it. The Mayo Clinic posted great guidelines on this same issue. What do we do about the immune system?  HIIT training is the best for burning fat and building lean tissue. The only way this process can occur is if the body is temporarily broken down so it can rebuild to a higher level of strength…in every sense of the word.  This is physiological process that must occur to become stronger, more fit and healthy. Since I am your trainer, I will give you the modifications necessary to work at 60% when you are recovering from an illness. But, when you are well,  what do you do to combat the lowered immune system for the next several hours? I suggest Ambrotose.*  The body goes through a break down process at the cellular level everyday…no matter what your activity level. And without proper nutrition, the body cannot rebuild effectively or efficiently.

Ambrotose supports the cell to cell communication in every system of my body so I have one fine-tuned machine that runs at the level that I demand.   When Ambrotose is added to the daily regimen of a recreational exerciser or professional athlete, anyone for that matter…. It supports the body on a cellular level during the long hours, added activity and stress.  The result can be plenty of natural energy from your own body and a stronger immune system.*

Ambrotose does it for me…I don’t need any pep me up type of energy drink.  When you supply your body with good nutrition, it doesn’t need any of the…what I call “fluff”.  The 5 physiological needs I supply my body on a daily basis are:  Ambrotose, sleep, water, wholesome food, and exercise.

Ashly Torian

Posted Under: Mindset Coach