NewYou90 Q & A

Q: Does the temperature of drinking water matter?

A: Here are the pros and cons of drinking cold water…then you can make your choice based off your goals and needs. The pro of drinking cold water is the body must go through a thermogenic process to warm the water up so that it can be used to hydrate the body. If the body is dehydrated, this delays the hydration benefit of drinking water. The thermogenic effect provides a temporary in increased metabolism

Q: I am feeling shaky while on this program. Is that normal and expected?

A: Any time there is a decrease in caloric intake, a person may feel slightly light headed and shaky until the body adjust to the new norm. There are steps that you can take to side step this so it isn’t uncomfortable.

  1. Instead of 2 shakes a day, begin with 1 shake a day. By month 2 you can adjust to 2 shakes a day.
  2. Have veggies and essential fat foods handy for snacking.
  3. If you are experiencing this on cleanse day, then limit cleanse day to 1 day instead of 3 when you first start the program. You can also add essential fat options like olives, avocado, coconut to the meal plan on cleanse day.

Q: How quickly does protein “burn”?

A: Energy from protein is typically available within 2 hours. And has lasting energy up to approximately 4 hours after intake.

Q: Is wheat germ allowed on the TruHealth protocol?

A: YES. Wheat germ is low glycemic, high in protein and fiber.

Q: Should I be measuring food?

A: The body is amazing and the gut brain, when in full function, can determine the right amounts and percentages of the Macronutrients. Since the TruHealth system is based off real food and low glycemic foods there is no need to measure food. Once the QUALITY of the food you eat has INCREASED, the amount you eat will naturally DECREASE. Also, when paired with the mind-body nutrition tip, eat to the point of energy, you will never have the need to measure again. Your gut brain will do it for you. Tune in to Week 1,2, and 3 Coaching calls to learn this very valuable tool.

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