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NewYou90 Q&A

Q: How to I get started when I have habits that sabotage me every time that I go on a program to lose weight?

A: Keep it simple. Make 1 change at a time. For instance, I use the “Subtract this and ADD that” method. For Example: Subtract sugar drinks and ADD 3 additional glasses of water a day. Do this for 3-5 days. Then create another “Subtract this and ADD that” pairing. Some simple steps lead to lasting changes.

Q: I do not like to cook. Can I do the TruHealth System and not cook?

A: OH YES! Keep it simple. Drink 2 TruPlenish Shakes /day and add 1 meal with a snack or 2. Find these food choices in the Low Glycemic food list noted in the TruHealth Guide-Book. You create your own menus based off the Low Glycemic list.

Q: DO I need to attend the coaching calls to participate in the challenge?

A: No, you do not. The coaching is optional but highly recommended. We all need a little help sometimes and this will keep you accountable to yourself and your desired goals. you will learn mind-body nutrition techniques that when paired with the TruHealth Lifestyle  and put into practice, create results you are looking for…the sustainable kind.

Q: How much water should I drink a day?

A: The minimum amount of water to drink daily is half your body weight in ounces.  If you exercise, then add 12-16 more ounces on days that you exercise. Start there and if you feel like you need more…then certainly drink more water.

Q: How much protein should I eat a day?

A: According to research, minimum for women is at least 45 grams/day and men is 56 grams/day.

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NewYou90 Q & A

Q: What if I have an allergic reaction to food?

A: An allergy is a physical resistance to something. If you have an allergic reaction to a food that is life threatening, seek medical attention immediately. For mild reactions, this could be a high amount of something in your body triggering an allergy. Look at the symptoms you have when you eat high-allergen foods–symptoms like moods, organ functions, digestion, skin, mouth–everything in your body. If you can isolate a food and determine it is the cause, avoid eating the food for 90-120-day rest from the food. You may then test the food by eating a small amount 1 day. Give the body a 3-day rest from the food and note if any symptoms occur. Repeat this process for a week or 2.

Q: If I have a belief that a certain food makes me gain weight, will it?

A: The head brain is amazing. When we repeat something often enough, the body begins to believe it.

Q: What is the gut/brain axis?

A: Neurotransmitters in the gut signal the brain to release chemicals, like serotonin, leptin and ghrelin, in the gut that affect your digestion, mood and behavior. When you trust what you gut has to say about what food to eat or not to eat, often times, it is right.

Q: What is meant by embodiment?

A: Embodiment is the body-mind connection. To be embodied means you have become the biological equivalent of the trait, activity, state of being. It is focused awareness. Deep breathing is a simple way to become embodied. Embody is to BE in your body with full and focused awareness.

Q: What is the best way to use embodiment to change my body?

A: The TruHealth Challenge works because it allows you to set goals and visualize what you want. When a VISION of the health, physical body and fitness level is kept at the forefront of your mind and you EMBODY that VISION, your behaviors and habits will begin to reflect that.  The foods you gravitate to will fuel and feed the physical body and fitness level you desire.  Visualization and clarity give you an anchor point to keep, and stay, on track.

Q: What time of day do your cravings hit you?

A:  Mid-afternoon around 3 -4 p.m are usually the hours when our bodies tend to dip and we don’t have as much energy. It may just be signaling this is a good time for us to chill. One thing you can do is understand the needs of your body. It may not need food, but may just need a rest. Slow down, hydrate and take a few deep breaths. When your craving is accompanied by procrastination or boredom, ask yourself what you are procrastinating about? Is there fear? What is keeping you from what you want to do? Try to discover what the fear-based emotion is stemming from. Boredom is not getting engaged in your life. Examine what is holding you back. This usually stems from fear. What are you afraid of? Turning to vices and experiencing emotions like procrastination and boredom is covering up fear or pain. It’s time to stop covering up and face your fears.

Q: When you crave a certain food to eat be sure to ask, “Is this food in alignment with my life and goals?

A: If the food you are craving does not serve your goals, then dismiss the food and move on. If the craving keeps coming back, look at why you are craving it. You may need to take a deeper dive into your emotions. Once the emotions are resolved around this craving, the desire for the food will dissolve.

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NewYou90 Q & A

Q: I have not exercised before. What is the best form of activity for me to do?

A: begin walking 15 min at a slow to moderate pace. A pace that is comfortable for you. Walk 3-5 times a week and add 5 min each week. Also begin a stretch routine. Breathe deeply and fully during each stretch. Hold stretch for at least a count of 20 – 60.

Q: when I get hungry between meals, what should I snack on?

A: if you are following the TruHealth protocol most likely if is by habit that you feel hunger. To determine if this is real hunger, drink a full glass of water and wait about 5 min. Typically the feeling of “hunger” will go away. If not, then snack on raw veggies or fix a ½ serving of TruPlenish.

Q: what can I use in place of milk for the TruPlenish Smoothie?

A: coconut milk, almond milk, hemp milk or oat milk.

Q: what can I use for a sweetener when on the TruHealth program?

A: stevia, monk fruit and coconut sugar are healthy alternatives to sweeten drinks or use for alternative baking.

Q: what is a healthy amount of “weight” a body can lose in 1 week?

A: the body can metabolize ½ pound of fat a day. The maximum weekly fat loss is 2 ½ pounds per week. During the first few weeks the body May release more weight in pounds due to excess fluids the body is releasing.

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NewYou90 Q & A

Q: Does the temperature of drinking water matter?

A: Here are the pros and cons of drinking cold water…then you can make your choice based off your goals and needs. The pro of drinking cold water is the body must go through a thermogenic process to warm the water up so that it can be used to hydrate the body. If the body is dehydrated, this delays the hydration benefit of drinking water. The thermogenic effect provides a temporary in increased metabolism

Q: I am feeling shaky while on this program. Is that normal and expected?

A: Any time there is a decrease in caloric intake, a person may feel slightly light headed and shaky until the body adjust to the new norm. There are steps that you can take to side step this so it isn’t uncomfortable.

  1. Instead of 2 shakes a day, begin with 1 shake a day. By month 2 you can adjust to 2 shakes a day.
  2. Have veggies and essential fat foods handy for snacking.
  3. If you are experiencing this on cleanse day, then limit cleanse day to 1 day instead of 3 when you first start the program. You can also add essential fat options like olives, avocado, coconut to the meal plan on cleanse day.

Q: How quickly does protein “burn”?

A: Energy from protein is typically available within 2 hours. And has lasting energy up to approximately 4 hours after intake.

Q: Is wheat germ allowed on the TruHealth protocol?

A: YES. Wheat germ is low glycemic, high in protein and fiber.

Q: Should I be measuring food?

A: The body is amazing and the gut brain, when in full function, can determine the right amounts and percentages of the Macronutrients. Since the TruHealth system is based off real food and low glycemic foods there is no need to measure food. Once the QUALITY of the food you eat has INCREASED, the amount you eat will naturally DECREASE. Also, when paired with the mind-body nutrition tip, eat to the point of energy, you will never have the need to measure again. Your gut brain will do it for you. Tune in to Week 1,2, and 3 Coaching calls to learn this very valuable tool.

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NewYou90 Q & A

Q: Why is it important for me to join and STAY with the NewYou90 community?

A: By joining the NewYou90 Mannatech Facebook community, you will have access to your fellow challengers. This is the place where stories of AH-HA, Wahoo, and Oh Boys are shared. This is also the place where you can access the coaching program that Mannatech provides all Challenge participants. As a a holistic eating and mindset coach, I provide you with the information and encouragement you need to choose success.

Q: I’m tired of “drinking” my meals. Do I have to replace 1-2 meals with liquid shakes in order to lose fat weight on this program?

A: No. This program is formulated to enhance the body’s ability to mobilize fat. You can do that utilizing the TruPLENISH™  protein shake for faster results. Or take it a little slower and still receive the results you are looking for. I will help guide and educate you through this process during the coaching calls throughout the challenge.

Q: I have lost weight only to gain it back several times over. What is so different about this program? And will the results stick?

A: That is a frustrating position to be in. Our goal is to help you eliminate this cycle. We do this in several ways:

  1. Educate you on the benefits of low-glycemic eating and how to adopt this way of eating as a REAL lifestyle.
  2. Provide excellent nutritional supplements.
  3. Teach you effective mind-body Nutrition and Eating Psychology Techniques  and guide you in eliminating patterns and blocks that have sabotaged your efforts in the past.

When you apply what you learn in this program, you can and will achieve dynamic results!

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NewYou90 Q & A

Q: How do I get started?

A: We are so glad you are here and want to make getting started simple and easy for you. Follow these 2 steps to get started creating and living with Vibrant Health.

  1. Register here on the NewYou90.com website. Once you register for the challenge you will have the opportunity to input your starting measurements and before photo.
  2. Join the NewYou90 Facebook group to receive notifications for coaching calls, q and a help, recipes, coaching and inspiration from fellow challengers.

Q: Once I register, what’s next?

A: The Prep Week Module will be released in the NewYou90 Facebook group. This module is filled with how to get started information like: Cleansing your Kitchen, Making your grocery list, Meal Prep, Smoothie recipe ideas, and a morning ritual to jump start your day plus a mindset overhaul.

Q: What makes the NewYou90 program different from other weight loss programs?

A: The focus is on fat loss vs weight loss. The nutritional support addresses this. PLUS, Mannatech has added the coaching element that encompasses mind-body nutrition and eating psychology. The focus at NewYou90 is on the whole person. It takes more than just overeating and under exercising to create an unhealthy version of you. It is so much more than that. In the coaching program, the key component to fat loss, maintaining and keeping it off for the long term is the focal point. You will learn simple and unique tools to aid your body in its ability to mobilize fat in a very powerful way.

Q: I have lost the same weight several times over for it only to find me again. How do I stay motivated for the long term?

A: Stay plugged in! Join in on the Coaching Calls with Ashly that are provided each week. Take advantage of all the tips and tools that she provides in the 12 modules (1 is released each week of the challenge). Interact with the Facebook Group. Join in the conversation. AND grab an accountability partner to keep you both accountable. You’ve got this! Stay the course.

Q: I love FOOD and I love to eat. I am concerned that I won’t be able to replace 2 meals with 2 TruPlenish smoothies each day. How do I overcome this and still get results and be apart of the challenge? 

A: Restriction is NOT part of this program. Restriction only leads to constriction which inhibits fat loss. Here at the NewYou90 we work with you and create a protocol that fits your needs. If replacing 2 meals feels like too much, begin by replacing 1 meal with a TruPlenish smoothie. This is the maintenance level of the program and a perfect place for some to start.