TruHealth Challenge Winners

2021 Fall Challenge

1st – Lerma Cabais lost 13lbs, 24 inches
2nd – Rebecca Cook lost 29 lbs, 18 inches
3rd – Fanny Zhang lost 11 pounds,  18 inches
Group Winners
Bobbi Paino
Lillian Harkness
Mary Willy

2020 Fall Challenge

1st – Peta-Anne Ackerman lost 22lbs, 40 inches
2nd – Vicki Zhang lost 26lbs, 18.5 inches
3rd – Betty Lobdell lost 14lbs,  23 inches

2019 Winter Challenge

1st – Serena Frans lost 45lbs, 27 inches
2nd – Rita Woefel lost 26lbs, 23 inches
3rd – Chris Chelel lost 12lbs, 28 inches

2019 Summer Challenge

1st – Deborah Roman
2nd – Ashley Moorhouse
3rd – Valerie Furrow

2018 Fall Challenge

Grand Prize Winner – Valerie Furrow
1st – Barbara Austin lost 31lbs, 32 inches
2nd – Yu Fay Yin lost 15lbs, 34 inches
3rd – Valerie Furrow lost 38lbs, 43 inches
3rd – Lorrie Ocho lost 29lbs, 18 inches

Lifestyle Award Winners

Nancy Bacome
Patty Browett
Kim Brown
Merri-Jo Hillaker
Dave Holder
Mary Lazno
Trish McKennon
Ray Robbins
Ron Rummel
David Rundle
Susan Spaulding
Diane Sweeney
Mary Yin

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