Success Stories

This is TruHealth, and it’s your chance at a better life. With superior products and a system proven to help you lose fat, maintain lean muscle and create healthy habits, Mannatech has what you need to succeed. YOU CAN DO THIS. Take back your life with this amazing program that has been shown to shape better bodies. With the TruHealth System, it’s never been easier to reach your goals and lose the fat for good.

Below, you’ll see real results from real people who have fought fat-loss battles just like you. These individuals provide inspiration, motivation and a determination that will help you achieve your own success. They used the TruHealth System to transform their lives and become better people—for themselves and their families.

1st Place - $1000 Winner
I'm 62 years old and my life focus is working for pay to send support to family who live in the Philippines. Recently I made a decision to be responsible and add health to my life. This is where I met Mannatech. I started with the NewYou90 Challenge, and I’m thrilled with the results. My favorite part of being in this challenge is that my friends and coworkers have noticed how happy I am. In addition to Happy, I look and feel healthier than before.
Lerma C
Lost 13 lbs. and 24 in.
2nd Place - $750 Winner
…Have you ever looked in a mirror and been totally unhappy with the way you looked? And been totally unhappy about the way you feel? I have!! I started on September 1st, and I have NOT looked back since. My motivation is to be as healthy as I can be in whatever time God has left for me. I plan and want to be a beacon of healthy success for our Mannatech products, specifically the TruHealth products…
Rebecca C
Lost 29 lbs and 18 in.
3rd Place - $500 Winner
…Following the fat loss plan is rewarding me with toned abdominal muscles. I’m thankful that Mannatech’s TruHealth system is changing my life. Never before have I seen abdominal muscles in my photos. It makes me feel like a super hero…
Fanny Z
Lost 11 lbs and 18 in.
18 months ago I started the New You 90 challenge just under 200 pounds. In three short months I got down to 157 pounds. Today I finished this years New You 90. My goal was to maintain and I even lost a couple of pounds. I am now at 154 pounds and holding. If you’re reading this and feeling like you could never get rid of those unwanted Pounds please remember that it is all about mindset. When you make the decision and you choose you will lose. Ashly Torian is an amazing coach and she is capable of teaching you exactly what she taught me. I thought I would share a couple of pictures one of me taken just two years ago and then this other one is me today.
Lost 3lbs. and 8 in.
I found that the New You 90 plan was much easier than I expected. Instead of eating a random type of breakfast, the smoothie was a nutritious replacement and a great time saver as morning meals. I followed the meal plan and achieved satisfying results. I have become more active and energetic. My waistline has been reduced by 14cm and my visceral fat has diminished from 9 to 4.5! The TruHealth system transformed me from the person who eats leftovers to a brand-new person who knows how to eat in a healthy style.
Vicki Z
Lost 26 lbs and 18.5 inches
Winner, because I was able to stay on the TruHealth Fat-Loss System for 90 days and not cheat at all. Winner, because I was able to lose all those pounds and especially all those inches. I learned to go from following a diet to living a lifestyle this 90-days. That change of “mind set” makes all the difference.
Valerie F
Lost 38 lbs. and 43 in.
I feel like myself again.
I wanted to go back to being the healthy, energetic Mom my children knew when they were young ─ the Mom who did not raise them on junk food, nor consume it myself. I've been quietly and steadily changing my eating back to healthy, allowing myself the much-needed sleep, and I am happy to say that I feel like myself again.
Susan P
12 inches and 19 lbs lost
I followed the TruHealth™ plan and am closer to my bikini dream! I am happy with my results.”
Sue L
15 inches and 13 lbs lost
TruHealth helped me change my eating habits. It turns out to be a great change with new vitamins, minerals and fiber.
Andy T
11 inches and 11 lbs lost
I lost 72 pounds in 3 months. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel any hunger. I still think I am dreaming. I plan to take good care of my body and share my experience with many people. My second round of life now begins with TruHealth!
Park S
72lbs total lost
I went from a size 18 to a size 8 over six months and I feel amazing. I now have 65 less pounds on my feet, and they love me for it. If you follow the TruHealth System and stick to it, you’re going to lose weight. There’s no question about it.
Julie Longtin
65lbs total lost
I’m very passionate about TruHealth, because I’ve seen what it can do. I’ve seen the change it makes. I found me again. After using TruHealth, I lost 56 inches over 6 months!** It doesn’t get any better than that.”
Jana Means
56" total inches lost
As a former Division 1 athlete, it’s amazing to be able to run 4 miles on the treadmill again. I am confident enough to show some skin again, and I took that to heart. I dedicated myself to take the products daily, go to the gym and eat a low glycemic and healthy diet. I was so excited about the TruHealth products when they first launched, and this 90-day program helped rejuvenate that. Because of my dedication to stick to the system, I got great results.
Amanda Foster
My confidence is back!
I catch my wife checking me out!
I feel better at 40 than I did at 20. I actually believe my wife now when she says I look good. I feel my whole body’s healthier on inside as well as looking great. I catch my wife looking at me and checking me out. TruHealth gave me that.
David Durant
15lbs total lost
I felt very bad about my body, and did not feel like doing anything. But thanks to TruHealth, I was able to transform my body in just 30 days. The energy I felt from the first day I started with the system was truly impressive.
Ana Sole
10" total inches lost
I can’t emphasize enough the ease of following this plan. You won’t feel hungry all day, you’ll have lots of energy and you’ll lose inches all while nourishing your body! No doubt, TruHealth was what I had been waiting on for so long!”
Cristina Holgado
12lbs total lost
I wasn’t hungry, I wasn’t craving things. I wasn’t moody. You just take the shake and go. I love TruHealth because it doesn’t feel like a job. It’s a passion I didn’t realize was there.
Loredana Millar-Zinca
11lbs total lost
This system is easy to follow, easy to use and it tastes absolutely fantastic. In 8 months, I went from a size 44 inch waist to a size 36 inch waist. TruHealth changed my energy level, it helped me change my activity level—it is a SOLID game changer.
Torian Walker
8" off waist
Having completed three months on TruHealth, I have changed so many unhealthy habits and created new healthy ones that I believe are here to stay. My mind and spirit have been renewed, and it is with this that I know these changes are for the long haul.
Shannon Rubin
35" total inches lost
No matter how much exercise I did, my body weight always stayed the same. Long story short, over an 8 week period, I’ve reduced my body fat from 25.4% down to 21.6% while still managing to increase my muscles from 32% to 34.2%.  When I’m on the system, the craving for junk food is no longer there. I used to look for snacks right after dinner and now I don’t. I’ve found exercises that work for me, and my body is changing for the best, thanks to TruHealth.
Sing Gay Ong
20lbs total lost
Like all chefs, it’s hard to stay on a diet. I’ve been on the TruHealth System for 3 ½ months and I’ve lost 20 pounds. With all the nutrients and protein that TruPLENISH provides, it helps keep me accountable. This is the first system that was easy to stay on.
Alejandro F
20lbs total lost
I’m Back to the size I was in Highschool
Oh my goodness, I am so excited! My intention when I started the program was to get back to the size I was in high school and I am there!
Patricia Browett
4 sizes down
I took TruHealth products as recommended and I gradually gained muscle. I didn’t feel any lack of energy. Instead, I was able to lower my calories since TruHealth contains most of the nutrients I needed. I have tried several products to lose weight but I believe TruHealth is the perfect System to reach your goals.
Kim Byung Sam
4% muscle gain
A Better Version OF ME
I entered very skeptical, but the weight just started falling off. 28 pounds and 42 inches later,** I couldn’t wait until summer to go to the pool. No more missing out on awesome memories with my kids. Thanks TruHealth!
Mike Rubin
28lbs total lost
“I cannot remember ever feeling this healthy and good about myself. I had to go out and buy some new clothes as everything I tried on no longer fit! I have to say it felt so good to be trying on size 36 pants vs. the 40 plus before
Gary Browett
4" off waist
TruHealth is like no other fat-loss system
“After having my son last year, I knew I had to do something about my weight and my health! I decided to take the 90-day challenge and lost 31 pounds and over 30 inches!** I had such great results, I’ve just started another 90-day challenge. Cheers to TruHealth!
Kate Taylor
35" total inches lost
It's the most exciting product on the market!
Not only did Alet-Marie accept the TruHealth Challenge, her husband Quinton came along for the journey. In three months, Alet-Marie lost 6 dress sizes, and Quinton lost 1 pant size and 3 belt holes.
Quinton and Alet-Marie van Zyl
6 sizes down
Truhealth: TRANSFORMING LIVES across the globe.
Go Team Korea!
Kwon Dongmi
16lbs total lost
Truhealth: TRANSFORMING LIVES across the globe. 
Go Team Korea!
Oh Jongwon
62lbs total lost
Truhealth: TRANSFORMING LIVES across the globe. 
Go Team Korea!
Jin Seoyeong
20lbs total lost

** The foundation of this system is slow, steady and sustainable improvements in body composition. During a typical month, research suggests that individuals committed to regular intake of the TruHealth products and the dietary and behavioral components associated with the system may expect to lose up 8 pounds and 2 inches in waist circumference. Fat loss results will vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as typical.

The TruHealth System tracks inches lost in: Calf, Neck, Chest, Upper Arms, Waist, Lower Abs, Hips, Upper Thigh and Mid-Thigh.

† Always consult with your physician or other qualified healthcare provider before embarking on a new diet or program. This program is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women. If you are taking medications, have a health condition or are planning a medical procedure, consult your health professional before beginning this program. It is also not recommended for children under the age of 18. If you have any specific questions about these matters you should consult your doctor or other healthcare provider.