Coaching Call – Transformation Challenge Prep Week Plus Mindset (Video Transcription)

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Hello, hello. Welcome, welcome. I am Ashly Torian, I am the TruHealth challenge coach, and we have begun. It is January, 2019, and we are ready to begin our Get Back Into Your Skinny Jeans challenge. This is your resolution solution, right? To have something, a plan, so that you can finally release the struggle. Release the struggle that has held you captive, release the struggle that has not have you living the life that you love. Because, let’s face it, the way we feel in our own skin makes all the difference. If we don’t feel good in our body, if we don’t feel good with who we are and how we’re expressing ourself in our life, then we’re not living the life that we love because we cannot take action in those things that we want to do because we feel insecure, we feel lack of confidence, we just don’t feel firmly planted in our footprint. So, Mannatech has offered this Get Back Into Your Skinny Jeans challenge to kick off our 2019. And remember, this is about not only being able to get back in those clothes that you’ve always wanted to get back into, but it’s about feeling good in your skin and taking that step, taking that very important, crucial step to living the life that you love. It’s time to take your life back. It’s time to let go of those bad habits and struggles that have kept you hostage. It’s time to take your life back. It is time. I’m so excited to be on this journey with you. Again, I am Ashly, and I’m going to be your coach throughout this 90-day challenge. And in a minute, I’m going to be giving you more and more information of how to go through this process of the challenge, but also who to contact. So, this is going to be your reference guide for the challenge. This video right here is your reference guide so that you know exactly what’s going on and when it’s happening, all right? If you have any questions at all, you could always reach out to us. So, let’s get started, shall we? This is prep week. We don’t skip prep week. Prep week is part of the challenge because if you’re not prepped and ready, then the rest of the challenge isn’t going to matter because you will not have the foundation, a solid foundation to begin. So, prep week is part of the 90-day challenge. This is where you’re learning about yourself, this is when you’re opening up your pantry, and freezer, and refrigerator to clean it out and learning about who you are as an eater. That is such an important dynamic of this whole process, is learning who you are as an eater. Are you a person that is rebellious? Are you a person that is sabotaging yourself all the time, over and over, with the food choices that you bring into your kitchen? Are you a princess or a prince in the way that you choose the foods that you eat? Or are you the queen or king of your own life, the one that is in power, the one that is at the helm, the one that runs the show, the responsible, wise one? Or are you the little one that sits in the background, that, by golly, you want it, and you want it now? “I don’t care about anything else, I just want that food right now.” You see, learning who you are as an eater is the first step to releasing those old habits, the ones that have held you hostage your whole life. As you can see, this program is not just like any other diet and exercise program. This program is not only about good nutrition that you will get from the TruHealth system, and the low-glycemic eating, and the meal planning, the incredible recipes that you’re going to be exposed to that everyone will share on the Facebook group. It’s more than food. It is even more than activity and exercise, because those two elements are not the only important elements in how to live in a body that is healthy and filled with vibrancy. The mindset is key. The mindset is the biggest element in this whole component, along with the physiology of your body and how it’s responding. So, in this program, we’ll be learning about mind, body, nutrition, and how all of those elements of mind, body, nutrition come into play in how you lose fat, how you increase lean tissue, how you reduce your stress so that you are healthy and your body can operate the way it’s supposed to. Because, you see, if you are stressed out, you can eat healthy all day long, but if you’re stressed out, your body is going to store fat because cortisol is raging through your body. But when you bring in mind, body, nutrition techniques along with good nutrition and activity, you’ve got a win-win-win situation. [Laughs] It is going to be so much fun walking on this journey with you for the next 12 weeks. And this week right here is super-duper important, so don’t skip it. Okey-doke. All right. You are going to take action this week so you produce fantastic results. We have a coaching call every week at 6:30 on Mondays. This coaching call is only 30 minutes long where I will be teaching you an element of mind, body, nutrition, a component to add in that week. It is going to help you shift, and change, and be able to turn away those habits that have held you back, held you hostage. It’s one tiny step each and every week. You can do this. You can make huge changes in your life just by taking one small step every week. So, stay tuned to those coaching calls every Monday. If you can’t jump on the call with us, they are going to be recorded, and that recording will be posted the next day. Stay up with the home play materials. And I call them home play because it’s not work, it’s play, it’s fun. [Laughs] So, there are home play materials, home play exercises, activities for you to do so that you can practice that mind, body, nutrition component along with utilizing the TruHealth system together. And when you do this, wow, it is so powerful. So very powerful. Be sure and take those before and after pictures, all right? So, now you’re taking your before pictures, you’re measuring. If you have the body scan scale, be sure and do the body scan, and take down the information from the scan scale. [Laughs] All right. There is a body composition that comes with that scale. It’s a body composition sheet that you can do with that, all right? I showed you all mine from when I was testing and playing with my scale. [Laughs] All right. So, here we go. We have got a kitchen cleanse coming at you. Now, what is going to happen? How will you receive these materials? This is the way. Every week, not only will you have the coaching call, but you will also receive a link on the Facebook group that is going to be a link to a weekly email, so to speak, for my mail system. And that will have… When you click on that link, it’s going to open up that mailer, and you are going to have links to the kitchen cleanse, real foods meal planning guide, TruHealth guide, fitness guide. All of the information that you’re going to need to get started is going to be included in that email with step-by-step process. That will be included with this video as well. So, you will see that. And all of these, the calls and the weekly emails, and any announcement from Patty will be posted as an announcement on the Facebook group. What that means for you is this. Anytime you feel like you’ve missed important information, you go to the Facebook group, and the very first post is an announcement, it’s in the announcement group. If you look at the top of that announcement group, it’ll say, “See more,” and it’ll have a number of parentheses. You click on that, and it will open up and take you to the announcements page that lists every one of the calls, all of the links for the mailers that’s going to have all this vital information on it, and any other important announcement from Patty and corporate is going to go right there, all right? So, you will have all of that important information on the announcements page. But the most recent announcement is always the very first post at the top of the group. All the other posts, posts that I send out, I will post an incentive or just kind of an inspiration message for you, reminding you to work on something, one of the key elements of the TruHealth system or mind, body, nutrition technique. And that will be listed as a regular post. So, scroll through that Facebook group and see all the recent posts that have come up since last you attended, all right? You will make a grocery list. After you do your kitchen cleanse, you will make your grocery list. Everyone, take a moment to hydrate. I will do that often as you will see as you watch the recordings. Hydrating is vitally important to fat loss. Hydration… I just cannot stress enough importance on hydration. Be sure you are drinking at least 80 ounces of water a day, if not more. I drink about 100 to 120, sometimes more than that. That is just for me, personally, that’s what works. So, find that place that works for you, but make sure it’s at least 80. All right. So, make your grocery list. Use the approved list located in the TruHealth guide. Where’d my guidebook go? So, in your guidebook, you can get one in your bundle. If you’re a newbie, when you get that new bundle, you get your guidebook. It’s a fantastic material. We will be going through more of that in a minute. But there is an approved food list in here. You can also get it in the library. I think it’s, I believe. I think I’ll have that up here in just a minute. But right now, today, tomorrow, I want you to clean out your kitchen — and there is a kitchen cleanse that will be noted along with this video — and make out your grocery list, okay? Now, this is very, very important. You will want to create a morning ritual. The morning ritual will consist of a visualization, visualizing what you want from this challenge, whether it is getting back into those skinny jeans, whether it is vibrancy and being able to do flips and turns, whether it’s being able to run, whether it is being able to walk a mile. No matter what you are wanting to create and have happen in this 90-day challenge, I want you to begin visualizing it now, visualizing you completing the challenge, being able to do what you are wanting to do. Losing the amount of fat weight that you’re wanting to lose, being able to do a certain amount of activity at one time… Whatever it is that you’re wanting, visualize you doing that right now, right now. Because when you can visualize what you’re wanting right now and you can really feel it… So, what you’re doing is you’re visualizing it happening, that action, you are adding an emotion to it. You want to add physiology to it. [Laughs] Get your physiology bubbling, and excited, and feeling powerful. And then, you become it. You will step in and become it. This is the say it, feel it, be it, and declare it process that I work with all of my clients on in how they can achieve their goals of living in a body that they absolutely love, a body that is healthy, a body that is vibrant. This is how we do it. We see it, we see what we want, we feel it, we feel it with emotion and intention, we be it — in that visualization, we are walking around as that person — and then we declare it. We declare it, “Yes, I am healthy. I am fit. I am well. I am magnificent. I am victorious.” [Laughs] You declare it. You’ve got this. You can do it. It’s really a lot of fun. It will add fun into your day. Not only will you enjoy this visualization you’re doing in your morning ritual, not only will you enjoy it while you’re doing it, but it will give you a little pep to your step the rest of the day because you can always tap right back into that feeling and feel good, feel vibrant. That is the physiology we want. That right there is what we want to have happen, because that pushes cortisol out of the picture, and it makes your body operate as a lean machine. So, that’s the physiology you want. Couple that with the low-glycemic eating, the TruHealth system, oh, my goodness, win-win-win all way around. All right. So, for support, as you are going through this process, the contains daily meal planning guide, health and snack tips. You want to tune into this, because all of those health tips and snack tips are based around the mind, body, nutrition protocols, coupled with the TruHealth system so that you are on track every single day. So, you will want to do that. Go to that for support, and send your new people. The people that you’ve brought in… This could be your third time through doing this and you’re on maintenance, but you’re bringing new people into the program with you to support them. Send them to, not only to register, but to touch base there every day to get the health and snack tips. All right. So, you have to be and live your success. It doesn’t just happen. Success doesn’t just happen, you have to take action every day. And one of those actions is to step into and to be involved in whatever is going to keep you on track. If that’s going to the newyou90 site every single day to see what that health and snack tip are, to remind you what the TruHealth guidelines are, then do it. You must take action every single day to achieve what you want. Be it and live it. You can do this. You can, you can. All right. So, my contact information. I am Ashly, and I’m the coach. Send your questions regarding topics that I cover. And whatever challenges that come your way, or successes, send those to And please copy Patty Anthe on those. But those will be directed to me. My website… If you want more information on who I am, go to, and you go to the About page, and learn more about me. Patty Anthe is the contest leader, our fearless leader. And you want to send questions regarding the guidelines for the challenge, the rules, the qualifications, all those nitty-gritty details that corporate handles, you want to send those to her,, all right? We are always available. So, be sure and take a picture of this slide so you can get in touch with us. All right. So, our bundles. We get to the good stuff. All right. So, our bundle, the Wear My Skinny Jeans Again bundle includes two canisters of the TruPLENISH shakes, one box of TruPURE, the TruSHAPE, the OsoLean, EMPACT, and the shaker bottle. These are available right now. And this is a fantastic bundle. Look at all this that you get. So, the TruPLENISH shake provides excellent nutrition. It is a meal replacement shake, which means that it’s in macronutrient balance, your carbohydrates, fats, and proteins are in balance. So, you can have just the shake for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Helps your body to metabolize fat, increase lean tissue, curb appetite. All of these products are centered around those three things. It’s awesome. Awesome, awesome. The TruPURE cleanse slimsticks, you will have these on your cleanse days. And I’m about to walk through the process in just a moment. But the TruPURE cleanse sticks are for you to drink to help detoxify your body. So, as we lose fat, there’s things that are stored in fat, and it’s typically toxins, and we want to help our body to release those. So, you want to drink these on your cleanse days, and then you can also have one every day. Supports your body to reduce fat, to lose fat, and to gain lean tissue and detoxify. All right. The TruSHAPE fat-loss capsules, it’s metabolism boost, it gets your body revved up. [Laughs] So, we want our body, the fat furnace to be hot, right? And the TruSHAPE helps support that process to help our body to run hot so we burn… It helps support our body to burn calories, increased amount of calories, and boost our metabolism, and also to burn fat. It supports that process as well. OsoLean powder is a whey protein, and it supports the body’s muscle-building capacity. So, whey protein, in past studies, has shown that it supports the body in building muscle and building lean tissue. Other proteins do that as well, but whey protein gives it a little bit more punch. So, the whey protein will help your body to gain some lean tissue, more lean tissue than you’ve had before. Most likely, especially if you come from not doing anything, then you will want to add that OsoLean into your TruPLENISH shake. EMPACT+… I love this, this drink is awesome. Not only does it help to hydrate our body, it does pre, post, and during exercise drink, but it’s also delicious, it tastes really good. So, Mannatech has thrown this into the bundle, so that you can give it a shot. You will love it. The clients that I work out love this drink. It does give them the maintaining energy that you need, sustainable energy through your workouts. It does it. It’s awesome, it is wonderful. So, give it a try on your next time out. Then, you’re going to get that free shaker bottle for the TruPLENISH shake and OsoLean. Those are the products you’re going to get. Now, the other bundles that qualify for this program is these identifier numbers right here, 60601 and 83801. 83801 is a maintenance bundle. So, those are the bundles that qualify for this challenge. So, if you are wanting to be in the challenge to qualify and be put in for the big winner, then you’ll want to use one of these bundles the next three months, January, February, and March. Okay. All right. Now, this is the mindset for you. Your energy flows in the direction of your attention. Whatever you are putting your attention on is exactly what is going to transpire. If your attention is on past failures, then that’s what’s going to happen. If your attention is on bad habits, sugar cravings, if that’s your attention, crunchy foods, then that is what you are going to crave throughout this 90-day challenge. We must shift our mindsets to those things that are going to get us what we want. Now, I’m not saying avoid those things, I’m saying put your focus elsewhere. You’re not avoiding them, you’re just putting your focus elsewhere. As we walk through this program together, you are going to be learning how to release those bad habits. You will learn how to release them. They won’t have power over you anymore. That will be part of the program. But right now, what I want you to do, with your morning ritual and day in and day out activities, is to put your energy on what you are wanting to accomplish, on what you want in your life, on what you want for you, the health of your body. That’s where your energy goes, that’s where your attention goes. There is a voice that is in our head constantly. We’re human beings. We’re human beings after all, and we have a little voice in our head that speaks to us, argues, and that voice can get us into trouble a lot of times when it comes to our food cravings. And, right now, as you are taking the step to shift your attention and your energy on what you’re wanting to create, that voice may talk in your head like, “Oh, you really do want that cookie. You really do. It’s homemade, it’s soft, it’s chewy. Oh, my gosh. Remember what they taste like? They’re so good.” [Laughs] When you hear that in your head, tempting you, trying to draw you away, right now, I just want you to put a stop sign up in your head and say, “No, what I want is this, and this is what I’m going to do.” You put your attention over on that. This is just one little step that I’m going to teach you today, because during prep week, that may or may not happen, but most likely, it will. As you’re throwing away those foods that aren’t a part of the program, when you’re cleaning out that kitchen, you may go, “Oh, I won’t be tempted.” Oh, but you could be. So, throw it away. Throw it away. Stand firm in what you are wanting. You’ve got this, you can do it. So, put your energy and your attention in the direction where you’re wanting to go, all right? All of your efforts go in the direction of what you’re wanting to do. All right. Now, let’s walk through some things. All right. So, the kitchen cleanse, I’ve already pretty much covered. You are going to have that in a link that will be posted with this call, okay? Meal planning guide is also going to be posted in the announcement place where this call is. The meal planning guide is a guide that I wrote up to help people just figure it out. A lot of times, we don’t know what to do, how to organize our food, what foods to even choose, which you have the Mannatech approved food list, plus you will have the food list that I give you on the meal planning guide, so you’re going to have two food lists. Nice. And the meal plan guide will just help you manage that. It talks about how to organize your meals, it talks about circadian rhythm. And we will discuss that in the next couple of weeks. Two or three weeks down the line, we talk about circadian rhythm. Well, the meal planning guide will give you a little bit of insight into that and the importance of it. You have recipes that are going to be coming at you, not only from the Facebook group, our wonderful support group, but also from me, every week, when you get that weekly email link that is going to be posted with all the information that you need. But also, there are smoothie recipes that are located in the library. Mannatech’s library has smoothie recipes, and they are awesome. I think I have it linked up in the emailer that I send you, but if not, remember, you can always go to — and that link is right there on the slide — and you can pick up all of that information there. Now, let’s talk about instructions. Those of you who have never done this system before, let’s talk about the TruHealth system and how to implement it into your day. You start off with… You decide whether you want to do one TruPLENISH shake a day or two. Then, next, you decide what day you want to start. Because this very first week, you have three cleanse days in a row. On the cleanse days, you only do one TruPLENISH shake, just one. You pick if you want it morning, noon, or night. You do one when you very first start. And the instruction sheets are listed. I am going to minimize this. Let’s see. All right. Hello. I am going to pull up the instruction sheet for you so you can see this. Yes. All right. So, this is also located in the library. Now, on the cleanse days, you will only have one TruPLENISH shake, but on nourish days, you will have two a day. So, cleanse days… You can start your protocol, your challenge, you can start with three cleanse days or you can opt to just do one cleanse day, it is completely up to you. But let me describe a cleanse day for you. On a cleanse day, you have one TruPLENISH shake, you have the TruSHAPE, and you also have the TruPURE. With the TruPURE, you have four a day, all right? You have four TruPUREs… I don’t think that shared with you. Hold on just a minute. I don’t think it did. One second. I’m sorry, you guys. Share… [Laughs] Here we go. All right. Sorry about that. Okay. So, you were still watching me instead of being able to follow along with me. So, this is a TruHealth instruction sheet, and it is located in the library. And it walks you through exactly what to do. So, you can have six days a week that are nourish days and one day a week that’s cleanse days. Except for your very first week, you can opt in to do three cleanse days, just to kind of knock it out of the park. On your cleanse days, you’re going to do four TruPUREs, all right? It’s one slimstick and 8 to 12 ounces of water, and you drink that morning, noon, dinner, and evening. On nourish days, you just drink it once a day, if you like. But please, drink plenty of water throughout this entire program. Like I said, 80 ounces is the minimum. You really want to do more than that. If you have an autoimmune issue that is drying, please contact your doctor about the amount of water you should be drinking. I’m serious about that, okay? All right. But if you have no issues going on, please drink the 80 to 120 ounces of water a day. All right. Okay. Then, we have the TruSHAPE, which is one capsule every day with eight ounces of water. That’s it. Easy, easy, easy. So, the TruPLENISH is one time a day on cleanse days, and it’s once or twice a day on nourish days. You do the TruPURE, four a day on cleanse days, and one, if you like, on the nourish days. TruSHAPE is one capsule with eight ounces of water every single day, both nourish and cleanse days. On your cleanse days, it is unlimited fruits and vegetables. Unlimited vegetables more than fruits. Fruits are a little high in sugar, some of them, even though it is healthier than a candy bar, of course, right? But on your cleanse days, really focus on the vegetables. Now, fruit is anything with a seed in it. Tomatoes are a fruit, avocado is a fruit. Those are usually things that are thought of as vegetables. So, just remember that as you’re doing this. Anything with a seed on the inside is fruit, anything that doesn’t have a seed is a vegetable. And you have an unlimited vegetables during this time. On your nourish days, it’s unlimited vegetables, approved snacks that you can find on the approved list, nuts, seeds. Yes. And a lean, healthy meal. So, if you were doing two TruPLENISH shakes a day, then you can snack on unlimited vegetables, nuts, seeds, nut butters. Anything that is an essential fat, I highly recommend that you eat every time you snack. It is very important that you are not fat-deficient. Fat deficiency can cause a host of health issues. You want to be essential fat-absorbent, right? You want lots of it. So, make sure that you sprinkle essential fats in throughout your day. Your healthy meal… If you’re doing two TruPLENISH shakes a day, then you have one healthy meal, full meal, that has a protein, essential fat, and your complex carbs, which is your vegetables. If you choose to do quinoa, or rice, you may. Any of those grains that are on the approved food list, be sure and take advantage of those. Let’s see. Anything else? If you want to only do one TruPLENISH shake a day and have two meals and snacks, you can do that as well. Your meals, again, must have a protein, an essential fat, and the vegetables, the complex carb. Must have those three things. So, be sure and get them in. You will feel so much more satisfied if your meals are balanced that way. The TruPLENISH shake comes balanced that way. It has protein, it has essential fats, and it has the complex carbs. You need to create your meals to reflect that. Okay. All right. Then, the second page of that is for maintenance. But right now, we are speaking to just starting in the challenge. All right. Oops. Let me stop sharing that. Hello again. All right. Take time to hydrate again. All right. Let me go back to… Going to go back to our screen. All right. So, remember, what you put your attention on grows and becomes the theme of your life. So, if your attention is placed on the TruHealth protocols for the next 90 days for eating in a nutritious way, low-glycemic foods, keeping the calories coming in throughout the day… Don’t starve yourself. Do not starve yourself. Do you not put your body in a state of starvation, or your body will begin holding on to fat and burning lean tissue. We don’t want that. So, eat according to the TruHealth guideline. One or two shakes a day, one or two main meals a day, and your healthy snacks, all right? Want to check something real quick, you guys, to make sure that I have covered everything I wanted to cover. So, all of you know, the reason why you’re here is because you know that this program is different from any other program that you’ve done before, because this program focuses on maintaining lean tissue, building lean tissue, and losing fat tissue. It also works off of body composition, not body mass index, which is just height to weight ratio. That doesn’t give the whole picture, our bodies are too complex for that. [Laughs] Our bodies are miracle machines, and height to weight just doesn’t cut it. But body composition does. And that’s why you’re here, because you know that this is different. Your body will release this real fat, the fat around the midsection, your body will release toxins. When you give your body good nutrition, great support that the nutritional products in the TruHealth system provide, your body will be supported in losing fat. In that picture, we also want to work on stress, how you’re showing up in your life. If your stress level is super high, this is the 90 days for you to get to curb that. During this 90 days, you will learn how to release the stress, the stress around food, the stress around movement, and activity, and exercise, adding it into your life… The stress around life, your job, your relationships, all of that. You will learn how to do things differently, and I invite you to tap into that, to be open to it. When we approach things with an open mindset… An open mindset means accepting, engaged. When you have an open mindset… I have a word map around open, and I’m trying to recall the words that I have around it. I love this concept of an open mindset and word mapping open and what it means for you. You invite in new things, you give things a try. When you’ve got that closed mindset, you’re restricted, you’re not engaged, you’re rebellious. Your mindset is rebellious, not you, the mindset’s rebellious. But when you are an open mindset, you’re invited in, you’re engaged in the process, you begin responding versus reacting. Reacting is a closed mindset, open is a responsive mindset. So, in this 90-day challenge, bring an open mindset, be engaged in the process, be involved in the Facebook group. With this challenge, you get the Facebook group, you get the coaching calls, you get the weekly email system, weekly email that’s going to come to you with all of the vital information around the TruHealth system, around the mind, body, nutrition protocols, what we are working on that week. You’re going to get all of that, all that support. And you have full access to me. Email me when you have questions, when you have challenges, when you have whatever it is, successes. I love to hear those. [Laughs] Reach out to me, I am here to guide you. This is what I’m here for. This is what I do. This is my purpose. This is my reason for being here with you, is to help you, to support you, to guide you. So, utilize me, utilize me. So, come with that open mindset. The closed mindset is the [Inaudible 00:41:15]. That’s the old pattern, that’s the bad habits, the habits that don’t serve you. Shift to that open mindset, and take it all in, be engaged in the process. Sorry, guys, let me look at this one more time. Get that off my screen. All right. So, we did approved food list, we talked about BMI and BCI. Let me share this with you all. Let’s see. Going through all of my things. Oops. Okay. So, I have to bring it up on my computer before I can share it. That’s why it’s taking a second. Sorry about that. Where did it go? All right. So, let’s go back to that. All right. So, put your attention where you want it to grow, what you’re wanting to plant. You can do this. You can, you can. There we go. Okay. So, our contact information again. Mine is, and Patty’s is Send us whatever questions you have. Now, this is the way Q&A will work while we’re in the TruHealth challenge. Monday nights, that call is strictly information. From 6:30 to 7:00, it’s strictly information. There’ll be a 30-minute recorded call that you will get the next day. If you have a question that you want answered on that call, email it to me at by Sunday, the day before the call. I need some time to be able to get that information together for you. If I have an overabundance of questions, or if there is a question that I feel needs more precedence for everyone, takes precedence for everyone, then I will do a Facebook live later in the week to answer those questions, all right? So, if I’m not able to get to all of them on the 30-minute call, then I will do a Facebook live later in the week to answer all of those questions. All right. So, this is how it’s going to work. I’m going to review it again. You have a coaching call. It starts January 7th at 6:30 PM Central Time. Get on that call for all the important information to jumpstart your process, jumpstart in reaching your goals this year. Facebook group. Join up on the Facebook group. You already have, because that’s the way you’re receiving this. Make sure your team is also in this group. The ones that you are doing this program with, bring them to this group. They want to be on this. This is where they get the support, the accountability, the information that’s going to help them achieve success. So, this is where it’s at. This is where the conversation happens, is in the Facebook group. So, we got the call, we got conversation in the Facebook group, we have support from Patty and I. And you can reach out to us at any time. We will have Q&A on the call, or overflow will go into a Facebook live later in the week. I think that’s it, right? Yes. Okay. All right. So, here’s your pep talk. You’ve got this. You can do it. You are asking yourself to make a change, to shift, because you’ve been in a struggle. You wouldn’t be here if there hadn’t been a struggle. You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t wanting more for yourself, and your life, and the health of your body, you wouldn’t be here. So that you are here on this call, right now, this prep week call tells me that you are crying out for a shift, a change in your life. And I want to tell you, it is one step at a time. It’s not three, it’s not four steps, it’s not five steps. It’s one step at a time. Be in the process. Don’t let your mind spin with everything you’ve got to do. Slow it down. Which that is the first thing we will work on. Monday night’s call, we talk about slow and the importance of slow. And I want you to slow your mind down during prep week and just take action. The emailer that is going to be posted with this call will have specific information of how to get started. You just walk through one document at a time. Don’t rush it. One document at a time. You can do this, you can. It’s all about taking one step, one action, implementing it, and moving onto the next. Don’t ever think it, just do it. [Laughs] Just do it. You’ve got this. All right. I cannot wait to talk with you Monday night, January 7. Our first coaching call will be next week. So, let’s get after this, all right? Clean out your kitchen, be prepared, be ready. Be ready. You can do this. Any questions, be sure and email me. I am here for you, All right. Have a fantastic week. I will see you next time. Bye.

Recorded and current as of January 2, 2019

Always consult with your physician or other qualified healthcare provider before embarking on a new diet or program. This program is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women. If you are taking medications, have a health condition or are planning a medical procedure, consult your health professional before beginning this program. It is also not recommended for children under the age of 18. If you have any specific questions about these matters you should consult your doctor or other healthcare provider.

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