Coaching Call – Transformation Challenge Week 1: Slow & Getting Ready — Video Transcription

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All right. Hello everyone. So glad you are here. We have started the get back into your skinny jeans resolution to your solution, a resolution solution for you in 2019. So glad you are here with us. Wow! What a year we had in 2018. Take a moment and just reflect back on that year and look how far you’ve come. If this is your second challenge, third challenge, whatever it is, I want you to look back from the start of 2018 to now, look at how much you’ve done, how much you’ve accomplished. I want you to celebrate you. Celebrate you and celebrate all that you’ve done.

And then for those of you who are just starting the New You 90 challenge, congratulations for making this step into your future in such a positive way. You are going to have so much fun in this challenge. We have so much support and information for you. The whole group is supportive. It is just wonderful and I’m so glad that you’re here with us.

I’m going to be flowing through a slide presentation tonight so that you have the information at your fingertips whenever you need it. Feel free to take pictures of these slides so that you can have them on hand. If one of your teammates weren’t able to attend tonight and you know they’re going to want to see it, we will have the recording posted tomorrow afternoon and they can watch it there or if you’ve taken pictures with your phone then you can certainly visit with them and go through them that way. So whatever it is that will help you and your team members, that’s what we want to provide so be sure and give us feedback as we move along.

All right. So let me get this started. I’m going to begin sharing my slides with you. Okay. I’m going to be breaking off and bringing up another site in a minute so I’m going to keep it like this. I hope that is great with you guys and that that works for you. Let me hide some notifications here. All right. So, this is time to get back into your skinny jeans.

Another way to look at this is it is time to feel good in your own skin and when we usually think of that pair of jeans that we always wanted to be in or that we haven’t worn in a long time, it’s really about feeling good in your own skin, right? And that is what this journey is about, it’s let’s feel good in our own skin, let’s increase our confidence, increase our energy level, increase the mobility of our body, increase the health of our body, increase our overall fitness, fitness of mind, fitness of body because when our body and our mind are fit together and in sync we are unstoppable.

Unstoppable and I am going to share with you some things during this challenge that will help you to not only in the direction of food and exercise but also and most importantly in the direction of your life and how you manage your stress, how you live your life, how you chose to view your life because let’s face it, food and lack of exercise was not the only reason we wind up in a place where we don’t want to be. It is our mindset, it is the way we are processing our lives and seeing of life, viewing our life, however you want to say that, all right?

So, I help you through all of that because when we change the way we eat we also want to change our mindset and our perspectives and our beliefs around food in order to make it stick and that’s what we’re going to do. All right. Moving right along.

Week one. First let’s go through the process and housekeeping, okay? So coaching calls will take place every Monday at 6:30 PM central time. Use that link to gain access. When you attend the call it’s like Sunday, going to church. When we are in a habit, when we get in a groove of something we begin to intentionally adopt action steps every single day. If you skip a coaching call then you will skip the home play materials. You will skip some vital information that is very necessary for you to make this your last time to lose this 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50 pounds, 75 pounds, whatever it is. You want to make this the last time you lose that weight.

In order to do that you’ve got to be on the coaching call, you’ve got to encourage all our team members to be on the coaching call with you so you can work together as a team helping each other, supporting each other and receiving the results that you truly desire. Life is no fun when every year you have to think about losing weight again and we want this to be the last time and to do that, you have to learn a little bit about who you are as an eater, right?

So, that is what we will do in here so show up every week. You can do this. And if you can’t because of something in your schedule tripped you up, be sure listen to the recording as soon as it’s posted, all right? All right. We will have those Q&A sessions if you will email the questions by Thursday morning so I can gather all the information that I need to get back out as the answers and I will post when that Facebook live video will take place and I will try to give you a couple hours to a day notice, okay?

And email those questions to If you would like to also tag Peggy, sorry Peggy, if you would like to also tag Patty on that email you certainly will. It’s [ 00:05:56] and there’s going to be a slide coming up in a little bit. It’s going to have both of our contact information on that. All right.

Every Monday morning, I will post a newsletter with all the materials. Last time we did it through a Google drive. I didn’t feel real comfortable with that and so, I’m going back to the style that I am used to and that is a newsletter style. So when you click on that link, it’s going to take you to the newsletter system that I use and you just click on the link. It’s going to give you that post. It will say if you want to join my newsletter.

If you would like to, that’s wonderful. I’d love to have you join up to receive information from me but if not, no worries. Just click on that link. There is no commitment you have to make to me in order to do that so just click on that link. It’ll open up the newsletter and that is filled with all the links to the information that I’m teaching that week. It will give you home play materials. Yes, I call them home play, not homework because it’s fun. It’s not work. It’s fun. So, that will be available for you in there as well. Along with those newsletters is information about TruHealth, walking through the protocol of TruHealth, living the lifestyle, a TruHealth lifestyle. All of that is packaged together in that email.

All right. Be sure and take your before and after pictures. So, your before pictures are now. If you have not already done that, please do. Please measure yourself as well. You will measure yourself before the challenge started, before you start the challenge and then at 30 days, 60 days and 90 days. And then at the 90 day period, you have five days to submit your 250 word paragraph on how your life has changed, the impact the TruHealth program in your life and what you have done now to embrace the lifestyle. All right.

And then also there is a survey for you to participate in. This survey was posted when you registered on the New You 90 site. I will also post it in the Facebook group. This survey is vitally important, vitally important that you fill this out. What this does is it helps us see the value and the progress that everyone who does this program, what is the impact on their day to day life. We need to see that, we want to see that and we really care to see that because it helps us provide you with the best possible program ever, all right? So please fill that out.

Some of you already have. I’ve received your information. Thank you so much for doing that. If you have not been able to do it, that survey is posted in the announcements page of the Facebook group. It’s also on the New You 90. All right. So let’s go through the rules and regulations, so to speak. In a quick nutshell, we will do this.

You must order a bundle three consecutive months in a row and as you have seen on the New You 90 which I’m going to stop sharing for just a moment and I’m going to go to the complete rules and regulations. Okay. Here we go. Here we go. All right. So the prizes for the challenge are a little different this time. We’re doing it to scale. We want to encourage you and we want you to utilize this program as a great business building too. It is a phenomenal tool to bring new people in with and I have given on the North America Facebook video that I did on Saturday, I have some ideas of who to look for.

And you want to look for people to join in this challenge with you who are in the struggle and the struggle looks like this or could look like this: someone who is on a diet all the time, someone who is always watching the food that they eat and when I say watching I mean dissecting watching. You can almost see them counting calories in their head. They’re always talking about exercising and then oh, I didn’t get my choosing, I got to get that in. They kind of are in a obsessive way about their exercise and their food.

A person who has been on the direct merry-go-round where you see their weight fluctuate and they’re just crying out for help and they talk to you about it. That person. A person in the struggle is a person who is not happy in their own skin. They are dying for something different. They just don’t know what. And for these people in that place, you’ve got to really listen and really look for this because people are really good at hiding.

So, put on that third ear and really listen when you’re talking to people about their pain points which you all know this. Listen for their pain point, their struggle, because not only will bringing someone in impact your business in a very positive way, yes but really it’s more than that. What you’re impacting is the life of that person. You’re making a huge impact for them in their life and you are going to be their angel. You will be their mentor because when people have been in the struggle and they’ve finally been set free from it, oh my goodness, they have a whole new lease on life and you could be that angel delivering that message for them.

So, listen and watch for the people who are in the struggle, the ones that are really struggling, okay? All right. So, the more people in the challenge then the price ranges vary. So, the more people in, the higher the prize and we are giving greater amounts of money, prize money, in the quarterly program versus all year. Does that make sense? So, we want to give it more upfront versus on the backend. So, we have that for you.

We do now have the TruHealth Lifestyle Award because all you outstanding folks who are standing as mentors after you have been on the program the last two and three years. We are so thrilled to offer this award. Very much fun. All right.

So, when you share the TruHealth challenge with people, when you have … enrollers who have three or more new participants you get loyalty points. Enrollers that have five or more, you get loyalty points plus recognition at MannaFest and enrollers who have 10 or more new participants that compete in the challenge receive those loyalty points plus recognition at MannaFest, two free tickets for MannaFest and three nights at the hotel for two people. Yay!

That is so fun. What a great offering. Mannatech is so very generous. So yes, bring in those people, save someone, help them in their struggle. Help them end it. All right. You know how to get started because you’re here. Don’t forget to do all those things. I want to go over a few of the rules. I’m going to go through the bundles in just a minute.

But the eligibility, make sure you are 18 years of age and over. I know several of you are on the boarder of that. So, 18 years or older. All participants must be a resident. Make sure that you are a qualified Mannatech associate the whole way through the challenge, that you purchase a bundle each month of the challenge. You must show use of the product and now use any competing products during the challenge. You must not utilize any body transforming procedures and those are listed in the New You 90 Challenge sheet if you’re watching with me on the screen right now.

All right. You will be asked to sign affidavit conforming use of the products and abiding by the rules and guidelines. You agree to grant Mannatech the use of your transformation so that they may share with the world your progress and the results that you had. So exciting. Participants agree to abide by the rules and don’t do any … all work must be original. Nothing altered, okie-doke, on those pictures.

Participants will not solicit local media unless you have first asked Mannatech’s permission, all right? And the winner of the TruHealth program will be required to verify purchases and results or an alternate winner will be selected.

Going over that stuff is never very much fun, is it? But that is the rules and regulations and we want to make sure that we covered those right at the front so that you would have those fresh in your mind and check off your list what all you’ve been doing. All right. Those of you have joined us recently, I am so glad you’re here. Thank you so much for getting on with us tonight.

All right. I am going to go back and share my screen with you again. All right, so the bundles. You’ve got the Skinny Jeans bundle, which is this fantastic thing, and then you have these bundles. So, if you got the Skinny Jeans bundle this first month and you want to change it, you can change it as long as it is on any one of these, okay? So take a picture of that. Yes. Going to give you a moment.

So, the maintenance bundle plus EMPACT will count towards the program as well. That is such great news for several of you lifestylers who are doing the maintenance program. So simply tack on the EMPACT with it and you are qualified. I love that. And remember, it’s three consecutive sets. It’s either December, January and February or January, February, March.

All right. So let’s go through. On the Prep Week video I covered the TruHealth Protocol but I want to just kind of go over quickly again to make sure it’s fresh in your mind before I start the other part of the program. We have about 12 minutes left and so, we will be going through this. So if at the same time that I’m doing this, if you can pull up the information that I sent this morning, if you can bring it up on your computer. If you’ve already printed it out, bravo.

So, bring all that up because we’re going to be rolling through that in just a minute and I want you to have that stuff on hand. I’ve got it on slides but I also want you to get used to getting it at your fingertips because it’s so important that when you’re being given new information you read through it every single day. Every single day, you read your new information.

That’s the way we get it ingrained in our mindsets and we begin acting on it. If we don’t read it, if we read it once, put it away, it leaves our mindset and we are not intentional every day with what we need to do. Read it every day, get it stuck in the mindset so you become actionable on that. All right. Here we go.

Low glycemic eating is the call for the TruHealth Lifestyle. Low glycemic eating, why do we do it? Because it normalizes the blood sugar, it enables the body to burn fat for energy. If you were to eat not low glycemic and you did high glycemic stuff. So let’s say in the morning you just did frosted flakes cereal. What happens is your blood sugar spikes and then when your blood sugar spikes, within an hour it goes and it plummets.

And then let’s say you are really tired and you just go have something. You’re just about to pass out so you go for an energy bar with a lot of sugar and a lot of caffeine in it, your blood sugar level spikes back up. Then guess what’s going to happen? Anytime your blood sugar spikes, it’s going to drop again and it will drop below the normal line again. So, all day long is you do this trying to get energy from food, you’ll be riding the low-high blood sugar merry-go-round, roller-coaster all day long.

When you do that, your body stores fat and burns muscle for energy because when your blood sugar spikes, you must have quick energy and muscle is quick energy. So if you just had some sugar, it will burn through that then it burns through your muscle. Not good news, is it? So that’s what happens on blood sugar spikes and dips. Spikes and dips, you burn muscle for energy. Not a good thing. It also wreaks havoc on your pancreas because it is secreting insulin nonstop all day long. That’s not healthy either.

So, it affects so many organ systems of your body. It’s not beneficial for your health. So in the TruHealth Lifestyle, we promote low glycemic eating because it normalized your blood sugar. So, foods are given a glycemic … they’re on the glycemic index and in the newsletter that I gave and on something else, may have been the Prep Week, I gave you the glycemic index reading that Mannatech has on the And so, you can get all your glycemic index information.

And I love to share all of this and I would love to go in detail but on our 30 minute call, I can’t go into fine detail. So what I would like for you to do is to do your due diligence and go read all the material you can on eating low glycemic. Mannatech also has a food list for you so that you can get to know low glycemic foods. And pretty soon you’re going to have them in your mind and you’ll be able to recall them at no time at all. But again, we want to fill our mind with these new things every single day so we can take action on them every single day.

All right. So, when you eat low glycemic, we have this on a chart. This is normal blood sugar and then when you go outside on the high and the lows, it’s on the outside of it. So, what we want to do is we want our blood sugar to be in this normal range all day long, okay? When it’s in that normal range, you have sustained energy throughout the day. Your mood normalizes, no hyper Sally and low, dull whatever it is. We are not riding that roller-coaster of moods at all when you are eating low glycemic. So that is another great benefit to eating low glycemic. Normalize the blood sugar so you feel energy, your mood stabilizes and you are healthier. Your body is burning fat and holding onto its muscle. All right.

So, day one through day three is Cleanse Day. Now, you only do three cleanse days at the very first of the challenge. You don’t repeat that at month two and month three unless you absolutely want to. The rest of the weeks, it’s just one day of cleanse. The Cleanse Day consists of four TruPure, veggies and fruit only and more vegetables than fruits if you can. I really dissected that on the Prep Week video so go back and watch that. All right.

Nourish Days is day two to day seven each week. You have two TruPlenish Shakes and one regular sized meal or if you’re on maintenance or if two shakes is a little much, some people just don’t do well with two shakes. They prefer to eat two meals and one shake. You can. This system works. So, one TruPlenish Shake per day and two regular sized meals. Whatever works for you. If you would like to discuss it, be sure to reach out.

Meals always consist of an essential fat, a protein and a veggie. I have put these serving sizes out here. These are guidelines. Size of the thumb for essential fat, the fist for protein and your hand for veggie or if you want some quinoa or something, it fits in the palm of your hand. It’s like a third of a cup, maybe not even that. A third of a cup is typically a good measurement for the quinoa or half. Look on the package and see what that serving size says.

The reason why I do measurements this is way is because when you become obsessed with measuring food, I can only have a cup of this, I can only have a half a cup of that, then you are setting yourself up to be, number one, obsessed about measuring and never able to go off on your own and feel comfortable and confident that you can eat the right amount for you but it also puts your body in that stressed state.

When we measure, when are obsessed with numbers we go into a mild state of stress and our body, any time it is in a mild state of stress the digestive system shuts down or slows down and you do not get the benefit digestively that you would like. And what I mean by that is you could not digest your food all the way, you could not only not digest your food but you will store fat and burn muscle for energy because when your body is stressed, digestive system just goes “whoop” and your body needs blood to massage the stomach in order for digestion to take place and if you’re stressed out, all that blood go into your arms and legs and your head.

Okay. We’re going to go through more of that in just a moment but this is the reason why I do it this way is because I don’t want any stress in your life around food while you’re on this program. Yes, you could say that you are a numbers oriented person and you feel comfortable with numbers. They don’t stress you out.

If you have been in a relationship with food that has not been serving you and you are in a place of wanting to change your body and lose weight then this is a place where I ask and I invite you to give this a try and to totally get away from the numbers because you need to totally transform your relationship with food and how you see food in order for this to be a life-long result, sustainable result. You have to totally transform the way you are with food in your life and that means get rid of the measuring, get rid of the numbers, okay?

And I’m going to teach you a really cool trick here in just a moment so you won’t have the worry. It’s a mind-body nutrition technique that will serve you well. All right. So, for more support on meal plans and tips and it’s health tips and snack tips and also a thought for the day that will help inspire you and keep you moving forward, you can find on the Just click on the tab that says meal plans and it’ll take you to it and it starts at day one. It goes all the way to day 30. It is awesome.

All right. This is our contact information, You can also go to my website. If you are talking with people about the coach that is helping you through the challenge and you’re wanting to bring them on with you and they go, “Who is this Ashly girl? I’ve never heard of her,” you can go there and go to the about page and get to know me. All right.

And then this is Patty’s, our fearless leader. Her information is So if you have questions regarding the topics I cover, any coaching and anything about body fat and muscles and physiology, how you’re doing in the program, anything like that comes to me. Anything that talks about guidelines, rules, qualifications, that goes to Patty. All right? Okay. So let’s get down to business. I’ve got about five minutes to go through this information and keep it at about 30, 32 minutes. So let’s do this. All right.

When you eat, only eat. This is part of the measurement system that I was going through that you really don’t need to measure your food because when you do this you will not need to measure your food because you’ll be eating to the point of energy. So, this whole next segment is on that.

How we eat is a vital importance. So, when you’re eating [Inaudible 00:27:41] the table, you will be able to decide and see how much food is enough for you. If you come to the table stressed out because you got to jump on that coaching call with Ashly and you’ve only got five minutes to eat and you just shut down and you just eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, you just ate in a state of stress, you shut off your gut brain. You severed the gut-brain, head-brain connection and you could overeat in that fast last five minutes. Can you believe that?

You can overeat in five minutes but shoveling down the food in a stressed state. Your body does not operate that way. Our bodies were designed to go slow when we eat, to breathe between bites and you remember your mama telling you this all the time when you were little, “Slow down when you’re eating.” She had good reason to say that because it gives you a belly ache because it slows down your digestive system.

Now, this is what I want to show you. When you are in a sympathetic nervous system state, that’s stressed out and this is what’s happening to your body. You have decreased blood flow with the gut, decreased enzymatic output, which that’s what chews up our food. You have decreased growth in thyroid hormone, which this is what burns fat and build muscle. You have die off of healthy gut bacteria. We know this is our immune system.

Excretion of all mineral water, soluble vitamins. Oh my goodness! We have got to have calcium, magnesium, C and B vitamins. Yes! Decreased oxygen uptake. Oxygen is our single most metabolic enhancing nutrient we have at our disposal. Why eliminate that? When we eat slow we breathe deeply and that brings in more oxygen to the system and out body burns more calories at rest. So you definitely want to be breathing.

Increased inflammation and oxidative stress. This is our immune system we’re talking about. Inflammation? Free radical damage? You don’t want that. Do not operate in a stressed state especially when you’re eating. And we also have decreased thermic genic capacity, which means that we don’t burn calories. Eating in a stressed state is not viable for you. It’s not a viable option. However, eating in relaxed state is.

Look at all of that that happens when we are relaxed. We burn fat, we’re in optimal state for digestion, we increase our calorie burning power, we have optimal assimilation of nutrients, we have increased oxygen uptake, which is our metabolic power, we heal faster when we breathe and have oxygen. We heal faster. So awesome. And then maintenance and repair takes place when we’re relaxed as well.

So we would love to be in this relaxed state as much as the day as possible especially when we eat. So what I did for you on your newsletter is I gave you a link that give you an activity to do before you eat. This activity will help you get into the mode of relaxation before the meal and it’s just mindful breathing. I just realized that I did not post. I don’t think this posted in your newsletter but it’s about the gut brain and the head brain. So I will make sure I get that. If it’s not posted this week then I will make sure it’s in the newsletter next week. Let me see how to post a PDF on Facebook.

All right. So, mindful breathing, you want to close your eyes and bring your focus to your breath in and your breath out. What we’re going to do in this place is one of those. Now, this is a meal where you want to practice this when no one else is with you. Don’t practice this when your family’s at the table practice this when you’re on your own. Read through this information sheet. It is in your newsletter. Read this information sheet and do this exercise. Actionable intension every day. Do this at least one time. Get to know what slow feels like when you’re eating because most likely you don’t know what slow feels like when you’re eating.

The first time you do this you will think holy cow, this is so slow, it’s too slow, I can’t do this, I’m bored, but once you get in the nature of it, you will be fine, I promise. It will not feel that slow anymore and it will really feel good. You will love it. All right. And then this is the last part of that, the mindful exercise before the meal, okay?

All right. Here, let me go back just in case you all were trying to pull out a camera. But when you take that first bite, allow all your senses to come to life, all your sense. You want taste, aroma, pleasure and satisfaction to come forth. You guys, these things that I’m going over with you right now, you can do just these and not even pay attention to food. But just do this slow, relaxed eating every meal, eat protein, essential fat at every meal, slower eating, eating to the point of energy and you will lose weight. You will lose fat because you’re not in a stressed state so your body’s going to release fat.

I’m telling you, my clients who adhere to this their first month, they lose five to seven pounds their first month not even touching food. I don’t even touch their food with a client on the first month because we got to know other things first. Yeah. Don’t even touch the food. We just talk about how they eat and how they show up and they lose five to seven pounds easy. And I’m just putting a number on it because I want you to be able to identify that number.

It’s not that their weighing. It’s how their clothes fit. When I ask them how much do you think you’ve lost based on how your clothes fit and they’ll go, “This feels about five to seven pound of what I’ve lost before.” So that’s how we do that. We’ve weighed enough in the past. We know what five pounds feels like.

All right. So, exercise, workout. Get up and move. Get up and move. Your lymphatic system benefits, your heart system benefits, the cardiovascular system benefits. Your body burns fat when you get up and move. Getting up and moving is essential to your wellbeing so please, I have listed out five or six things on there, plus I’ve given you the link to the fitness guide which I’ve put in, I think, three programs in that fitness guide.

So you have access to that and I will be giving you exercise ideas throughout the whole thing but this is a great way to get started if you’ve never exercised before or if it’s been a while since you exercised. These are fun things to do. Those are the things that are in your newsletter. Those are the high points. Remember, read it every day then you will make intentional steps, actionable steps by making a difference in your life.

Don’t forget you are a strong, healthy and fit individual who makes wise decisions and brings calm, confidence and empowerment to not only yourself but to everyone that you meet, everyone you come into contact with because when you show up in the way you’re showing up now for this challenge, when you show up that way you are magnetic. You have a life and people want what you are doing. They do. There’s so many people out there struggling. Let’s be angels for them and bring them into our community, our support systems so that we can help them through their struggle.

All right. I am going to stop sharing with you know so we can close this up. I have so enjoyed being with you guys. I do apologize for going over the 30 minutes but the rules and regulations and qualifications for the challenge took us into overtime but that is okay because I just love spending any amount of time I can with you. Thank you for being with me.

Please remember to email your questions in before Thursday morning so that we can do the Q&A on Facebook Live. All right. Wonderful. Thanks for being here. You have got this. You are awesome. Know that every single day that you wake up that you’ve got this, that you are accountable, you are resilient and you are strong, mobile, flexible, authentic, magnificent, victorious, successful. Yes you are. Hang in there. You’ve got this. You do. So please, reach out to me when you need me. I am here for you. With love, love, love to talk. I will talk with you later. Thanks so much for being here. Bye, you guys.

Recorded and current as of January 7, 2019

Always consult with your physician or other qualified healthcare provider before embarking on a new diet or program. This program is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women. If you are taking medications, have a health condition or are planning a medical procedure, consult your health professional before beginning this program. It is also not recommended for children under the age of 18. If you have any specific questions about these matters you should consult your doctor or other healthcare provider.

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