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Hello, everyone. Thank you so much for being here for our week 10 of the New You 90 Challenge. We are doing so well, aren’t we? We are rocking it. We are champions. We are champions of our mind. We’re champions of our heart. We are champions of the way that we do food. We are walking the walk, talking the talk, and being all in in this New You 90 Challenge. I am so very proud of you. You’re doing an awesome job. I want you to take a moment and celebrate everything that you’ve done in the last 10 weeks because I know you have a lot to celebrate.

I want you to really take a moment and think about those things. What is it that you feel like you have really done well and accomplished? Getting to the point of energy. How you grocery shop. Has that transformed? How you organize your food for the meals coming up in the next week. How have you done with the embodiment or pleasure or the cravings that we spoke about last week. Eating to the point of energy. How are you in relationship to your food? Do you find that you are in a place of responsibility and eating from the place of queen or king? Where you make wise decisions about food and you nourish yourself well.

Where are you and celebrate that. Celebrate how far you’ve come. Just breathe it in for a minute. Just be with it. Celebrating you. Wonderful, wonderful you. This is so much fun. Yes, I love being on this journey with you. Tonight we are talking about energy. Energy and fatigue are topics that many of my clients come to me for help, especially with all of the autoimmune diseases that are coming up in this time, in these decades. From the nourishment that we’ve done in the past and how it has culminated and where it’s led us with our health. All these new things that are coming up for us, our bodies are working very, very, very hard and fatigue can be a problem. It can be an issue, but really what fatigue is, is it’s a whisper. It’s a notice. The body is saying, “Hey, look at me. I’m trying to send you a message and you’re not listening.”

That is exactly what fatigue is saying. It is sending a message, a very loud message for you to please take note. Please take note and see what’s happening with your energy level. And that’s where we are today. If you find as we go along and I’m talking about energy and things are coming up for you that you think may be on a deeper level of the energy factor, please email me and send me your concern, your question, whatever it is, because energy and fatigue can be a very, very deep topic. In the realm of health, in the vitality of your body, and there can be many factors that play a role in this. So if after tonight’s recording, if you’re listening to it or if you’re here live with me now, if things are coming up for you, please feel free to email me and let’s talk about it. All right? Because energy and fatigue are a big factor and they’re a big message and the body is sending it very loudly. So let’s take a listen in.

Let me share my screen with you so that we can see the same thing together. Energy. What does energy mean to you? What does energy mean to you? Do you have enough? Do you have the amount of energy you need to walk through your day with vitality and with clarity of thinking? Do you have enough energy for your workout and your day-to-day living? Do you have enough energy to do your workout, your day-to-day living, and if some problem comes into your day, do you have the amount of energy it takes to process that problem? To process the experience. To process whatever hiccup is coming at you. Do you have enough energy to walk through that and still have plenty of energy left over for your evening? Do you have enough?

Energy is often thought of to be in short supply. I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way. I’m going to show you ways that you can increase your energy and feel fantastic. It’s just a matter of how we are in our day, how we are with ourselves, who we’re being, if our mindset is open or closed, if our heart brain is open or closed, and the gut brain if it’s open or closed. When those are open, we have more than enough energy. It’s when we close them because of experiences or beliefs or negative thinking, negative thoughts. A problematic situation that you cannot find a solution to and so therefore, it’s allowed to drain your energy instead of releasing it and being able to move forward.

Let’s move on with this. Be sure that you write down your questions throughout the week as you are working through this process of energy and fatigue. Write down your questions, send them in to me because we have Facebook Live on Thursday at 12, noon, central time on the New You 90 Mannatech Facebook page. You can send those questions to or text me at 214-682-9867. You can also Facebook message me as well. That’s a really easy way to get me and several of you are already doing that and I love that. Thank you. Thank you for utilizing that.

And then Next Steps. Let’s talk about that for just a moment. I know we’re coming down to the wire on Next Steps after the New You 90 Challenge. We’re on week 10. We have three weeks left of this challenge. I am going to address Next Steps and I’ve got some things that are downloading and I’m processing ways that we are going to move forward and can move forward. I want you to know that that’s coming in the next couple of weeks. But for right now, I would love for us just to continue our focus and finish strong. This is a very important week this energy week. I want us to finish this very strong. Really take hold of this information this week and next week. And we will move right into Next Steps after that.

All right, but for now be the energy you want to attract. Yes. Yes, if you want high energy, if you want to attract that high energy, that energy that is just sustainable and lasting, then you want to be that same energy. Energy is not in short supply. We have more than enough energy. We are given a certain amount of energy, it is a way that we manage it determines how long it will last. If we miss manage our energy, then we lack energy. But when we manage the energy we’re given, it stays with us. It stays with this.

Let’s think about this. When we are in a place of low energy. Back in the, what was it, the ’80s or ’90s? There was this Snickers satisfies commercials and it was all about that 3:00 slump. When you’re in that 3:00 slump, do a Snickers and it will revive you and give you energy. The sad thing is, is that we cannot create energy, energy is energy. It is in a certain amount and it’s that amount all the time. We can’t create it, but we can sure diminish it through mismanagement and through eating poorly, and other things like activities that we do. Activities that we have can zap energy. Thoughts that we think can zap our energy. Beliefs. Belief systems.

It’s something that has come up for me lately is a decade school around our belief systems and around the way that we think. I call it decade school because to me every time we’re entering into a new decade, we want to enter into that decade clean and strong and clearer, clearer thinking, clarity of mind. However, when we bring into the new decade, last decade’s trash, last decade’s way of thinking that doesn’t serve us anymore, last decade’s belief systems that don’t serve us anymore as we move forward. All of those things, we tend to pull them into the next decade with us and it drains our energy. It pulls life from us because they aren’t needed anymore, but for some reason, we feel like we still have to own them.

We don’t have to own them. We can release those belief systems. We can release the patterns of thinking that were good for that decade, but they do not serve the next decade. We can release them and not have them zap our energy into the next one, two, three decades, four decades that we have left on this earth. So think about that. If you are all in for decade school be sure and send me a an email because that is something that is really laying on my heart, is some kind of program like that, that helps people move from one decade to the next.

All right, and then there are people that can zap our energy and there’s also people that can give us energy. Places can zap our energy. The sounds in a place. The loudness or the softness of noise can affect our energy. Our feelings and emotions affect our energy. The foods that we eat. Supplements that we take, our experiences. Wow, there is a lot that plays a role into our energy isn’t there? So much. So therefore, there is a lot of things that can give us energy. All we have to do is know in our mind and our heart and our very being what gives us energy and what takes our energy away.

This right here, this activity is one of the Home Play materials that I gave you. I gave you a principle version of that activity, so that you can hand write these down. But you want to flow through the activities, thoughts, beliefs, people, places, feelings, foods, supplements, and experiences that take energy from you. You want to be in full awareness of what in your life is taking energy from you. And have that list so that you can begin weeding those out or shifting a belief system around them. There are some times when, let’s say an experience, for instance, there’s a belief system, a perspective, centered around an experience that is draining energy from you.

Sometimes all it takes is a shifting our perspective and the way that we see and view that experience from a different angle that will totally change the impact it has on our energy. All those things that you’re writing down that takes energy from you, when you’re looking at those, look and see if just a perspective needs to be shifted. Like people, for instance. There may be some people that zap your energy, but they’re in your life. There is no way to separate them out of your life, right? There’s some people that we don’t want to do that with, we want them to be in our life. But for some reason, being with them drains energy. So it’s a matter coming at it from a different perspective, a different thought pattern, a different belief system around being with that person and just shifting that.

I had a client who had this same issue in their life with a mother-in-law. There was no way they were going to be releasing their mother-in-law. The mother-in-law was in their life for good and so she had to change the way she was with her so that her energy level wasn’t impacted. So the physiology of her body wasn’t impacted because remember when our physiology is impacted in a negative way, it takes our body into a state of stress. When our body is in that state of stress, if you’ll remember from weeks one and two, when our body is in that state of stress, our body stores fat and uses lean tissue for energy. And a whole host of other things, if you’ll remember. Decrease in enzymatic output. Decrease in healthy gut bacteria. Excuse me. The excretion of vital minerals and nutrients and vitamins.

So many things happen in a negative sense physiologically when we are in that place of stress in our body. So when we cannot release an experience, a belief, or people in our life or something of that nature, then we must change, we must change the way that we are with them. One of those places is by coming from that place of openness that we talked about with the mindset and the heart brain. A place of openness versus closed.

So think about that as you’re making out your list. And you will do that same thing with what brings you energy. This is a fun list to do. After you do both lists of what takes energy from you and what brings you energy, what you’ll want to do is to fill your day up with those things that bring you energy. Especially on those days that you are doing something that takes energy from you, but there’s just no way around it. Shift your perspective around that experience that you’re about to go through.

Shift your belief system around it, your perspective, how you show up. Shift all of that and then surround that experience with things that bring you energy. Support yourself fully when you’re in this place. You can fill up your morning time ritual, your evening time ritual with things that bring you energy. You can fill up your 3:00 ritual. Three in the afternoon, you can fill that ritual up with things that bring you energy. Your day will just run so well, so beautifully, so smoothly. Yes.

In the video that I put in the New You 90 newsletter that you received yesterday or today, I put in there seven ways that you can elevate your energy. Seven ways. One of them is sleep. Now we’ve talked about circadian rhythm and getting your body in alignment with circadian rhythm. There are several things that play a role in this, but your sleep patterns is key. In order for your sleep pattern to be on task, circadian rhythm is very important. This also helps balance out your cortisol levels. When your circadian rhythm and sleep are in alignment, then your cortisol levels will have the ebb and flow that they need in order to give you the energy you need throughout the day.

So sleep is very important. Getting to bed in that 10:00 timeframe. Waking up with the sun the next morning. Circadian rhythm is vital. I know not all of you can do that because of jobs, night work, night school and night shifts that you may have. No worries on that. You just do the best that you can and you get your body on some kind of rhythm to where you’re getting seven to nine hours of good, restful sleep.

Be around those people that build you up. Yes. Be around positive, uplifting people. Move your body daily. We talked about this and in fact, in this week’s newsletter I gave you three workouts for the core and full body movements. Highly recommend you move your body daily. Also in the book, join me in the inside of it. You got an electronic copy of for being in this challenge. In the back of that is several workouts that you can choose as well. Go for a walk, walk barefoot in the grass when weather is permitting and it’s a good time of year to do that. That is one of the best ways to elevate your energy. It grounds you. It connects you to nature. Into the earth. Nothing is more magnetic than doing that.

Fill your diet with life giving foods. Oh yes. You’re learning how to do that in this New You 90 Challenge and you have done so well eating low glycemicly. Filling your body with nourishing foods. That is what it’s about. Finish what you start. This is a good one. If you leave tasks unfinished, it will drain your energy. It will. If you start to clean up the kitchen and don’t finish, it will drain your energy. If you start to go through your mail, but leave the stack on the dining room table instead of taking it to your office and filing it in the appropriate spots, it will drain your energy. If you do laundry and leave the clothes in a basket for a week, that will drain your energy. If you start a project for your work and you leave it unfinished and you never go back and finished it, that will drain your energy.

All of those things that seems small, you pack a lot of those on top of each other and your energy is going to be low. Low. You will be draining your energy by not finishing what you start. When you begin a task, finish it. If it is a multi-day task, then you have to schedule that and you have determination and intention to follow through and finish it out and complete it. That right there when you complete something that gives you energy. Yes.

Eliminate your negative slant in your vocabulary. If you have a tendency to say, “Oh, it’s an okay day, you know I’m getting by.” Eliminate that negative slant. “I am victorious and I’m doing superb. I am so enthusiastic.” That may be going a little overboard. But it sure will catch people’s attention when you say that. “I am doing great. I’m filled with enthusiasm.” They’ll go, “Huh? What are you on? I want what you’re having.” And they will want to know all about what you’re doing. It is a great way to start a conversation around health and vitality. Great way to start that

Focus on your gift, your reason for being. Oh my, yes. When you first begin this program with me, I asked you and during prep week to think about your vision. What you’re wanting to create. Not only for yourself in this 90 day challenge, but in the years to come. What is it? What are you visualizing? What kind of body do you want to live in. Healthy and vibrant body. What does that look like? What does it feel like? How do you dress? Where do you want to be in your career? What does that look like? What does it feel like to be in that place in your career? Presidential. Silver Presidential. Platinum Presidential. What does it feel like? What does it look like?

That is your vision, your reason for being. The service that you provide in that. That’s your reason for being. Focus on that and that’s going to give you energy. Focus on the task that lead to that. That gives you energy and vibrancy. That improves the health of your body exponentially. Yes, it does. When you are thinking about the big picture. When you are living inside that big picture that you’re creating, what you want in your life, the service, you’re providing, the love you’re giving, the connection you’re being involved in, the compassion, the commitment it takes to stay the course. That is what gives energy. That is it right there.

Hold on to that vision that you’ve created for yourself. Spend time with it, make it grow, add more detail, more color, more vibrancy, more action, more intention. Be in that vision so that you are focusing on your gift, your reason for being, why you’re here. You will be magnetic and so enthusiastic, you will never have a need for a Snickers bar ever again. Or a quick fix of energy, you’ll just be living with a full energy tank. That is what it’s about. It’s about us as human beings with all of our flaws, with all of our stuff, our baggage that we collect and take on. What this journey for us in life is all about is how to release that and how to live with an open heart and open mindset so that we are focusing on our gift, our reason for being, and offering that up to the world.

That is our journey is how do we do that as human beings, release all of that. And that is what this 90 day challenge is part of. Is you are learning how to let go of what is no longer necessary for you to hold on to so that you can live in a healthy body with vibrancy, living at your reason for being, living in service, for the life that you want to create. That is what this journey is all about.

Forgive yourself, give yourself some grace for those things that you’ve held on to for too long. For the things that you’re allowing to hold you back and direct your energy, forgive and release it, let it go. Take that step forward with intention to only live by that open heart. Only live by that open mindset. When you get sidetracked, when you sabotage yourself, forgive, release, and move on. It’s not about perfection, it’s about putting your best foot forward. It’s about doing your best every single day in that moment. That’s what it’s about. You can do that, you’ve got this.

Release the striving and get into thriving. So on this journey, don’t strive for perfection, don’t strive to overcome obstacles, master them, and get into the thriving of it. Yes, yes, yes, yes. So much fun. This topic of energy can go on and on and as you can tell it is very deep. Very deep and very moving. If you have questions and need a little bit more direction around your energy and fatigue please feel free to reach out to me. My contact information is on the screen. I would love to help you with that. Finish this 90 day challenge strong. We are coming down to the wire. You got three weeks left. Three more tools to learn and to add to your toolbox. Yay. We’ve got so much more coming, so much more.

Like I said, this week’s newsletter about energy was packed full of workouts, recipes, energy techniques for you in order to determine where you’re getting your energy from. Utilize those, watch the video, learn all you can about energy and it will stay with you. It will. What a privilege it is to walk this journey with you. Thank you so much for that. Thank you. Thank you for welcoming me into your world and embracing me and embracing and engaging in the concepts and the tools that I’m teaching you. Thank you so much for showing up 100%.

Have an awesome week. I look so forward to seeing you on the Q&A on Thursday. Be sure and send me your questions, email them to me, or Facebook message me your questions and I will love to hear from you and be able to visit with you about them. All right, everybody, have a great week. See you next time.

Recorded and current as of March 11, 2019

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