Coaching Call – Transformation Challenge Week 11: Nourishment

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Hello and welcome. We are in Week 11 of this NewYou90 Challenge, and what a fabulous time we have had thus far. It is so good, so good going. We’re learning so much about your body, how to show up with food, how to show up in your life, and the power of your mindset. The power of your mindset. You’re learning how to strengthen that through all these tools, the mind-body nutrition tools that you are learning and implementing into your life. It is creating more of a solid mindset. We are training our brain to think in a new way, to be in existence in a new way. And it is a very revealing process, isn’t it?

And this topic that we are talking about tonight is powerful in this. This is the topic of nourishment. And nourishment, this is one of my favorites because nourishment doesn’t mean it’s just about food. When we limit only to food, we limit ourselves within our life. And if you have had any type of eating behavior issues, eating disorders or disordered eating, so to speak, any behaviors that trip you up with food, then nourishment most likely was part of the issue. Meaning this: if we put so much emphasis on nourishment being part of the tongue and the tongue is the only place where we will receive nourishment, then we have pulled ourselves out of balance. One part of our body cannot be overworked that way. We’ll become restrictive. We will become controlling. We can become a little off kilter in our food choices, meaning we will tend to steer towards foods that are not beneficial for us. Because when we’re looking for nourishment from the tongue, from the taste buds, we’re looking for things to taste good, to crunch right, to… I don’t know… feel different on the pallet, and if you are looking at it only in this place, then nothing will ever, ever taste right, nothing will ever have that just right crunch or that smooth feel on the tongue. It will always be off, and you will never be satisfied. Therefore, what happens is we begin to eat more. We eat more because we’re looking for that nourishment, and we’re thinking that food is going to provide it, when really it doesn’t. Nourishment is about so much more than food. So let’s dive in. So I am going to show you tonight a different way to be nourished. Yes. What a wonderful, wonderful way to move forward in our life after today.

One moment. All right. I just want to check in with y’all. Everybody knows Q&A Facebook Live on Thursdays, 12 noon at the NewYou90 Mannatech site. That’s every Thursday, so do not miss it. I give a lot more information on the Q&A. If there’s not enough questions or if I go through the questions and we have some time to spare, I do throw in some extra stuff. So you don’t want to miss those. You can always go back and watch them later, though. Send your questions to or you can text me. I think it’s easier if you can email them, though. So if you would do that, that’d be great. Next steps: next week we’re going talk about that. So if you are thinking that you need a little bit more, I’ve got a couple of programs I’m going to be revealing to you guys. So stay tuned for that next week. And then at the end of this, during our time that we talk, I will also be talking with y’all about an event coming up soon. All right. So stay tuned for everything.

Here we go. I want to start tonight with just reminding y’all of some new ways to exercise that we have gone over while you have been in the NewYou90 Challenge: power walking, yoga stretching, one-minute movement segments that are found in my book—Join Me in the E.N.D. Zone. You can find several routines including core routines, that are listed next on this slide. There’s also Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and other meditative movements that I’ve given you so far in the NewYou90 Challenge. Weightlifting and dancing. And there’s so much more, but these are just some that we’ve gone over. But I want to remind you that nourishment can come from moving our body as well. It does. Nourishment through movement, vitally important to your well-being, to your mindset, to the health of your body. In that when we exercise, we bring in more oxygen, we take deep cover breaths, we train our body to take breaths at an even pace. And when you do that it extends and flows over in o other areas of your life, so I highly recommend that you keep up with the movement part of your program. Do not leave it out. It is like a doctor’s appointment in your day. And if you want to take a rest one day, then it’s great. Do a rest, but make sure you are stretching on that day and doing deep breathing while you’re stretching. Its mindful breathing and mindful stretching. You can also, on your rest days, do a short core routine. I have several of those in my book, Join Me in the E.N.D. Zone, in the last segment of the book. It’s the Tools section. And you can pick up any of those core routines, and they are very short and easy to implement into one of your rest days. So make sure you’re putting in a rest day along with all of the other wonderful movements that you have found during this challenge. Nourish your body physically. It needs it. Yes, it does.

So let’s talk about nourishment. When we adopt nourishment into the moment by moment play of our life, we see a surge of metabolic power. What I mean by this is do you remember our topic of pleasure? And the question for us throughout that week was: how can I make this activity more pleasurable? It’s very similar with nourishment. You want to look at your day and see how you can receive nourishment from different aspects of your day. From talking with someone, how do you receive nourishment from that? How do you receive nourishment from sitting at your desk and working on your records for the month? How do you see nourishment by sitting outside or going for a walk with your animal, with your sweet puppy or whatever it is that you have—a goat [Laughs] or whatever. How are you receiving nourishment? And the reason why this is so important and why I want to stress it to you is that in the very beginning we talk about slow and the impact that slow has on our body in putting us in that parasympathetic stress response state, which is the relaxation phase. Nourishment puts us in that place.

And where the talking box is, that says “Weight loss number”, is what’s hidden there. So oftentimes, the physiological stress of trying to obtain a specific weight loss number is more detrimental to our weight loss efforts than our eating habits. Meaning that if our focus is solely on our weight loss number during this process, then we’re not going to receive nourishment from this process. We will be in a state of stress because all we’re doing is focusing on that number. And we learned about that in the very first couple of weeks, about how don’t weigh yourself all the time, put four weeks in between each weigh time, measure yourself every four weeks. Give your body time and space to move and make changes and to shift.

So nourishment we receive from so many different aspects of this whole process that we’re doing together. Instead of focusing on that weight loss number, we are focusing on how we feel, and we’re focusing on all these tools and how we are in our life, how we show up in your life and how we are being in our life in a slow way, in a relaxed way. Eating in circadian rhythm, watching how we are in that rhythm with our eating, with our sleep. We receive nourishment from those things. In fact, take a look back right now and reflect back on how you’ve received nourishment from being in circadian rhythm. Think to before you started on this program, when you were eating sporadically. You ate at whatever time you could get food, and a lot of times it was after 8:00 at night. And now after we’ve been talking about circadian rhythm, you’ve been in a rhythmic flow with food, and you’re eating more on a timely basis in accordance with how the sun is moving around the earth. And so when you’re looking at that, do you see that you are more nourished by your mealtimes than you were before? Remember, when we are looking at nourishment, it’s more than just the vitamins and minerals you get from food. Nourishment is a heart-centered activity. I spoke in the very beginning of this class about the tongue. And if we leave it up to our tongue to be the reader of nourishment, we will find feel restricted because we’re in this controlled way of being. When you do this, you will have a greater disconnect between your body, your soul, and your spirit. Nourishment is heart centered. What are you receiving nourishment from in your life?

We have talked about pleasure. We’ve brought in embodiment. And now we’ve brought in nourishment. These are three very powerful aspects to the mind-body nutrition protocols that I am teaching you. These help us and guide us to tap in to our innermost being, so that when we show up in the day with food, we are more centered, we’re grounded. And we, our walking in our relationship with food, the food is not walking us. The food is what’s not in control. When we apply pleasure, embodiment, and nourishment, it’s not. There is no control. control doesn’t need to be had because we are at peace. We are at ease with food and with our behaviors and with our rhythm of food. So there is no need for a restriction and control when we apply nourishment in every aspect of our life. Not just food, but also the way we are in our life, who we are in our relationships, who we are when we do show up at the table. How are we receiving nourishment from who we’re being during our day?

I had a client several years ago that was going through a lack-of-nourishment feel and… Excuse me. She got to a point where she was so malnourished with life that she was eating uncontrollably. Very fast, she was a binge eater. And food began to not even taste well at all. Meaning she kept searching for what her pallet wanted, and it had her going from one food to the next food to the next food to the next food, trying to make the tongue happy and to make her heart happy and to make her heart feel at peace. But nothing was satisfying her. No food could quench that thirst, so to speak, the hunger that she had. And what it all came down to was nourishment because she was not doing what she wanted to do with her life. She was trapped. She felt trapped. She wasn’t trapped at all, of course. But she felt trapped. She wasn’t living her inspiration. She wasn’t living her reason for being. She was in the middle, just being there, not applying her gifts. And when we begin implementing efforts and actions for her to begin stepping back into her life, into her role of who she saw herself being the rest of her life, her nourishment quotient started being full again. And she wasn’t leading her to food after food after food, trying to find that need, that taste that she needed. It was more of her taste for life that was missing. And she found it because she began applying intentional action steps towards living the life that she knew she was meant to live, her reason for being, utilizing her gift.

So that’s what this nourishment is all about. Are you being nourished in your life? The way you’re living your life, what you’re living for, are you nourished by that? Well, there are three ways that you can implement nourishment into your life. Number one, it is a choice. Our greatest power is our power to choose. That is a great book, [Laughs] by the way. If you read my blog post, you saw that. It is a great book. I love that book, Our Greatest Power. So we can choose to receive nourishment or not. We can choose. In my mindset programs, I teach people this very important aspect of mindset. And that is: it is your power to choose every single day if you’re going to have the mindset of life or the mindset of death. It is up to you. Life, flowing through, doesn’t determine if you’re going to have a mindset of life or a mindset of death. You do. You have that power to choose how things are going to affect you. So right here, right now you have the power to choose if you’re going to receive nourishment. Are you going to receive nourishment from every aspect of your day and be all in?

The second step is to observe. Observation in your life is vitally important. When you are in observation mode and you’re watching how you live your life, you can catch those instances when you are stuck in the muck and not receiving nourishment, refusing to receive nourishment. Because, remember, it’s a choice. We either choose to receive it or we refuse to receive it. When you’re in observation mode, it will get you in your life. You will be stepping into your power, your greatest power, the power of being you, all in, choosing to live, choosing that mindset of life, choosing nourishment. So think about and ask yourself a question when you’re in the middle of it, and you see that, oh, you’re not choosing nourishment, ask yourself a very important question. What can you do right here, right now in this moment, to change or make a shift in your perspective about your current experience, your current situation? How can you make it shift? The biggest shift-maker that I have found is gratitude. Gratitude is the single most shift-maker. I love it. Because in a moment, when you begin thanking and being in a thankful place and having a thankful heart for just what’s right in front of you, your whole being shifts and you receive nourishment. Gratitude gives you nourishment. So observe how you’re being, and you will get into nourishment.

So the next is once you have observed and you see a way that you can receive nourishment from it, be all in. No fifty-percenters here. Be all in. Be with it. Be in it. Be one with it. Give it your whole heart. There’s intimacy here. There is a connection with self when we allow ourselves to be all in and to be one with the nourishment. It’s a great connector within our self, with our spirit. with our maker. Beautiful. There is intimacy there, and it is a moment where you connect with yourself.  And it will sustain you, body, soul and spirit. We can choose. After you’re done with this program… We have one week left. And when you are done with this program, you can go back to the old way of being—eliminate nourishment, eliminate pleasure, eliminate embodiment—very slowly. It’s not going to happen all at once, but it can. It can happen a little bit at a time, more days in between the days that you thought about it. And you’ll begin to feel that separation of self. The overeating and the emotional eating could come back. When you check out of nourishment, embodiment, and pleasure, overeating does come back in because we are trying to find that nourishment and that need that we have, that hunger that we have, we’re trying to satisfy on the pallet. And it doesn’t work that way. Food will then become a band-aid for the emotional need of nourishment.

You have worked so hard during this 90-day challenge to overcome those food obstacles, to overcome behaviors that you had in your life previously. You have worked diligently. Action, you’ve taken action each and every day to be where you are now. Receive nourishment. Continued to receive nourishment from this day forward in every aspect of your life, and the hunger that you used to feel on your tongue will not show up like the ravaging wolf. You will be more at peace with it. And you will see the signs coming at you, and you’ll go, “Oh.” All the sudden, you’ll feel that devouring wolf are raving wolf, you’ll feel it on your tongue, and you’ll go, “Wait a minute. Where am I not receiving nourishment? Where am I not receiving pleasure or embodiment? Where have I started going so fast in my life that I forgot what slow felt like?” You will begin to get those senses, the clues that something is off kilter in your life and just by the tongue. That will be your biggest cue, and you can get right back on track. You always can. It’s never gone forever, right? You can always go back to day one. Let’s implement slow. Let’s implement circadian rhythm, food quality, macronutrient balance, pleasure, guidelines, embodiment, nourishment, energy. You can always go back and add all those back in and redo them and add them in because you will receive nourishment from every one of those. You’ll receive nourishment from going back and learning them and reviewing them again. Nourishment is impactful, and it will change your life when you begin allowing yourself to take hold of it.

All right. So I also did a video in this week’s e-mail. And The Power of I AM, I love it. This is the Universal Law of Attraction. Many of y’all have heard all of these before. but I love to review them because I want to remind you.  And this is very similar to the mindset protocol that I gave y’all last year at MannaFest and those of you who have heard my mindset talk outside of that. And it’s the see it, feel it, be it, and declare it. So on the Universal Law of Attraction they’re saying to state it out loud. State out loud what it is you want. State it right out there for the world to hear. Every day, post it on your mirrors. Repeat it back to yourself. And you got to state it like you mean it. You got to have emotion and energy in it. When you state it out loud, it’s “I am victorious. Yes, I am victorious. Yes. I am victorious.” You got to state it like you mean it, or it doesn’t mean anything. The physiology of your body will not shift unless you create the emotional shift. You’ve got to bring that emotion and power into it, and then you take action. You take action on it. You step into being that victorious person. You step into being that person. You take action every day as being a victorious person. It’s not “I’m going to be.” It’s you already are.  And of course, positivity has power. Yes. You have the mindset of life or the mindset of death. And the mindset of life has power. It has positivity. It has so much more than positivity. [Laughs] Yes. So go back and review that video and the Laws of Attraction and see what you are implementing into your life already and check out what you can add in now to make it happen for you.

As we know that rock-solid mindset, it ends the struggle. It does when we are all in, when we are being that person. And now that you’ve learned nourishment, you get to experiment this week in being nourished. What does nourished feel like? What does it feel like? Let your body feel what it feels like, and it will want to go back to it over and over and again. Because, remember, our body loves to feel good. Our body loves that shift in physiology. So take hold of it today. Do not let a day go by without feeling nourishment.

Thank you so much for joining me this evening. I am always available. Please feel free to message me on Facebook or in the group itself. I am available to answer your questions, and I’m also available to help you in any way that I can. Next steps are revealed next week, so stay tuned for that. And be there. Be all in. You’ve got this. You can do this. We are on the home stretch, people. And next week we’re going to talk about what we’re going to do moving forward in your life, as far as the NewYou90 goes. All right? I will talk with you next week. Have a great one. Bye, y’all.

Recorded and current as of March 18, 2019

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