Coaching Call – Transformation Challenge Week 12 -13: Where do we go from here?

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Welcome, everyone. We are in our final week, Week 12, of this fantastic NewYou90 Challenge. Whoo! Don’t you just feel good? You have completed something for 12 solid weeks. You have learned something new every single week for 12 weeks. And you have been implementing it into your life and learning how to be different with food, learning your interpretation of food, and how you are showing up with it. You have learned how to bring more enjoyment and pleasure into your life, embodiment to your very soul. And you have learned how to nourish yourself on such a deep level.

And these tools and tips take practice. Practice, practice, practice because you have not been doing this for very long. It’s 12 weeks out of your life. For some of you, this is your second time through with me, so you’ve been 24. But think of it this way: you have been doing these other behaviors and habits and patterns for decades, So when you are implementing something knew, it is fresh and exciting and you’re getting it down and you’re learning it and you’re thinking, “Wow. This is really bringing freedom to how I’m showing up.” Keep going. It doesn’t end right here at Week 12. It keeps going because we must implement, every single day, the new things we’re learning in order to create those as our new patterns, our new behaviors, our new way of being. So keep practicing. Just because we’re finished with our Week 12, doesn’t mean that you stop. You go back and you listen to replays. You read through your notes. You practice being slow. You practice circadian rhythm You practice embodiment exercises and what pleasure is and how you can find it in your life. You continue implementing every single day.

So my advice for you is I’m going to go through five things that I highly recommend for you to do every single day that’s top of mind. Then, of course, we have, what, another six or seven things that we practice on as well. But when you implement those five, they are going to open up your mind and your body, and you will be able to connect to those other tools and techniques that we learned. So you start there, and then you implement. And each week, you plan: what new one am I going to bring in this week? What other technique have I not practiced lately that I need to practice this week? And each week you are intentional [Inaudible 00:02:37] those actionable steps towards implementing this new way of being.

So it’s going to be super, super easy. It’s going to be easier than what you think it is. Our lives, we put a lot in them. And we have responsibilities and desires that we need to show up in in our life. And sometimes, adding one more thing may feel hard and heavy, but this isn’t. This doesn’t have to be because, remember, these techniques that you practice add lightness to you. It adds lightness to your life, and you’re magnetic. When you practice these tools and tips, it totally transforms your very being and how you show up. And that’s magnetic. That’s vibrant. That’s vitality. And that is what we want to press on with, right? So it’s not hard. Remember, these tools and techniques, they bring lightness to you, not heaviness. They’re not burdensome. They are light and freedom. Yes.

All right. So I’m going to share my screen with you so that we can get on with our presentation for the evening. And we are in Week 12. Where to next? That is the big question because when programs like this come to a close, we want to know, “Okay. Where am I going now?” This has been a lifeline. It has been a security blanket, so to speak. You knew that you had a place to tap into every single week and you could do that. So where to next? Well, it’s going to be easier than you thought. [Laughs] A lot better than you thought. So here we go. Let’s get on with this such great news.

So where do you put your attention now? Your attention is always, always on your highest goal. It’s not about your waist circumference. It’s not about the number on the scale. Your attention is always on your highest goal, your vision, your reason for being. Why? Because when it is focused there, everything else falls into place. You will eat in accordance to what that person needs. You will exercise in accordance to what that person needs. You will relate to others in a way that is where that person comes from. When you are thinking of stress management, quiet time, you do it in a way that supports the person in your vision, your highest goal. That’s your highest goal. Your waist circumference is not. Yes, that feels good when you lose 105 inches. Congratulations to one of our participants. I’m so excited. So when that happens, there is excitement there when we see that progress. When we see the way our clothes are fitting, there is so much excitement and just, “Yes! I did it. Yes.” And we get excitement. We get nourishment from that. We receive pleasure from that.

However, our intention and our practice every single day is on our reason for being—what we offer, how we serve, how we show up in that vision. And that’s what we duplicate here because we nourish ourselves, we embrace ourselves, and we digest. I just said those out of order, didn’t I? We embrace our body. We love it. Love it, love it, love it. Wherever it is, we love it. We nourish our body because our body is the temple. Our body is the temple, so we nourish it for our life purpose with food, movement, and soulful time. Then we digest. We learn how to digest our experiences. We digest our food better because of how we’re being with it. So beautiful. And we also digest our thoughts. That is where our attention is. That is how you continue with your results. That right there is the key. It is the key.

So if you still have more to do in the goal that you want to reach as far as your health goes—your body fat loss—whatever your goal was, the tangible goal of measurement and you still have work to do, then you keep going. You don’t go on a maintenance plan unless you want to take a month off. If you want to do a month of maintenance, feel free to do that. If you want to continue with the program and just keep going, then just keep moving through it. Same thing of what you’ve done the last 90 days, you keep doing. You just keep going. Now if you’ve reached your goal or you want to take time off for maintenance, this is what you do. If you have been on two shakes a day, then you bring it down to one. If you did the challenge with one shake a day, then you maintain your one. And if you’re going on maintenance, if you would like to mix in some other meals with your shake, then move your shake around during the day or take a day off on your shake and have eggs for breakfast instead of your shake. Do something different. You can do that a couple days a week but maintain that shake in your diet. You don’t want to change everything all at once. Your body will go through a freak-out dance. [Laughs] And we don’t want that. We want to gradually shift and change and play with our eating and with the way that we are doing these shakes. All right?

Another thing, if you are going on maintenance or want to take that month off and just kind of be a little bit freer, then you can add back in any of the allergen foods that you had taken away. Dairy, if you took dairy out and you’re wanting to bring it back in, I would start with either goat or… Coconut, you’ve already been doing. And almond, most likely you’ve already been doing. So you can do the…you can bring in goat cheese and add that into your meals. They have a goat cheddar, a goat mozzarella, a goat feta. Several to choose from. And then a Sikh [Phonetic 00:08:55] cheese is also. It kind of has almost a parmesan texture. It’s very good. It is very… Oh, it’s just really good. It’s very nutty, the Sikh cheese is. You could also add that in. So you want to add in those dairies that you took out that are easier to digest. You could also if you’re wanting to go back to milk products, you can add in a2 milk. Instead of regular milk, do a2 milk. And that doesn’t have any of the… It’s easier to digest, so to speak, the a2 milk. And it’s from a2 cows. Nothing has been done to the cow. This is just a breed of cow that doesn’t have that enzyme that upsets digestion. And it’s called a2 milk. And you can find that in most places, health food stores, for sure. And I noticed it at Albertson’s the other day. So you can find it pretty easy.

Other things you can do on maintenance, if you’re wanting to add back in some foods, is you can add in… If you have not been doing legumes on this program, you can add those in. If you have not been doing any grains and you kind of miss grains, you’d like to add them in a little bit, one day. Add it in one day, wait three days, and see how your digestion is. If your digestion is good, then after three days you can do it again. Check your digestion. We talked about that on Allergens and Guidelines Week. I believe that was Week 7. I believe that was Week 7, so go back and look at Allergens and Guidelines. And I go over that portion of how to add those food back, I go through it in detail. But maintenance is just about adding back in a few of those foods that you had eliminated.

It’s not about adding in your bad habits that you had forgotten about, like habits that would be of late-night snacking on your favorite snack. You know, if it’s ice cream or cookies or whatever other food that was a habit to snack on at night, maintenance is not about adding that in. Maintenance is about maintaining your health and maintaining your wonderful, beautiful new patterns of behavior that you’ve adopted while implementing in healthy options into your maintenance plan. All right? And we’ve talked about those exception foods, ice cream, cookies, those kind of things, and how you have to find your own rhythm with that. You know, would you like to do it once a week? Or would you like to do it once a month? Once every… How often? How often would you like to? What is allowable for you? So that is another area of maintenance that you’ll want to dive into and look into and ask those important questions. What does feel right for me?

What we don’t want when we go back on maintenance is to forget everything we’ve learned, and all those old patterns come back. So if you know sugar is a trigger for you, then you will want to be very cautious when you add that back in. If you add in a delightful treat, you want to be cautious and you want space in between the days that you do that so that that sugar need doesn’t come back at you. Okay? All right. If you have any questions on that, please feel free to ask on Q&A Thursday. All right.

All right. Remember, this is a lifestyle. This is not temporary. What we have done these 12 weeks is not a temporary measure to losing fat and getting your body down to the size that you’ve always wanted. That is not what this is about. This is a lifestyle. It’s creating a new way of being, a new way of eating, a way of choosing food and being different with food. It’s the way you show up in every aspect of your life, actually transforms your health, your vitality. So this is a lifestyle. It’s not temporary. So everything you learned is to be for the rest of your life. [Laughs] The rest of your life.

All right. So my Top-Five tools to guide you over the next…the rest of your life. [Laughs] Right? It’s not temporary. It’s the rest of your life. My top five: Your visualization ritual. You’ve got to see it. You got to feel it. You got to be it. Then you got to declare it. So when you see something, when we see our vision, and we’ve got it in our head to where we’ve got this beautiful picture. It’s filled with colors and actionable intent. And it is filled with all that we desire for our life, and we can see it so clearly. Then we try it on. What does it feel like to be that person in that vision? You begin to feel it physiologically in your body. You know how when I talked about emotional regulation and learning how to regulate your emotions, and that emotions are just a disturbance that we feel in our body? Well, that disturbance can be really positive, filled with love and joy and excitement and pleasure and embodiment and joyfulness, all of that. That is the feeling that I’m talking about in this visualization ritual. You got to feel it. You got to feel yourself get giddy. You got to feel that emotional current running through you. And then when you feel that, that is when you be it. That is when you have become, and you have stepped into the shoes of that person in the vision. You be it. You be that person. And then to make it stick and for it to go with you throughout the day, you declare it. At the end of your 5-minute, 10-minute visualization process and you’ve been being it and you’re wearing it and you know what it feels like, you declare it so that you take that beingness of being in your vision, you take that out into your day. And it is with you. And every time that you think of that declaration, every time you exclaim that declaration out loud throughout your day, you’re going to be able to be back in those shoes of that person. If you stepped out for a moment, you can bring yourself back just by declaring, right there in your car, “I am victorious.” Or whatever your declaration was, declare it right then, and it will pull you right back into that physiology of being the person in your vision. Yes. And you can be it every single day, every single moment of every single day. What fun. So your visualization ritual, we’d spoke about at the very beginning in Prep Week and also Week 1. That is with you every day. Every day, you’re visualizing yourself in some way of how your future and how you’re going to be and how you are, right now in this moment, because you can be it right now. Right now.

Number 2 is slow. This is the time to just be. Breathe, release, pause, feel, notice. I love all of those words that are in the JUST BE graphic right there. Surrender, trust, allow, observe, welcome, invite in, receive it, listen. So when we are in slow, we can do all of that. When we’re in slow, you eat slow and then everything else in your life will follow suit. Practice eating slow. Practice getting ready in the morning slow. Slow does not mean lazy and not getting things done. Slow is efficient and on time. You’ve heard me say that in the very first class that I taught you guys. Slow is about being efficient and being on time. If you are rushed and hurried and get yourself in that rat race, you will be late. Everything that could go wrong is going to go wrong. [Laughs] It does. Just sit back and enjoy the ride. And I promise you it will all unfold so beautifully. And you will get there on time. You will be efficient in your work. It’s all going to be beautiful. And you are in fat-burning mode when you’re slow. When you are slow, it is fat burning. Whoo!

Number three, maintain your rhythm. It maintains your appetite. If you notice that your appetite is getting catterwonked [Phonetic 00:17:20], meaning you’re wanting to eat a lot more at night or you are finding you’re wanting to eat during the 2:00-to-5:00 time frame, look at your rhythm. Are you in alignment with the sun? Are you eating your moderate-size breakfast, having the bulk of your calories before 2:00 PM? That means your biggest meal will be around lunchtime, and then from 2:00 to 5:00, you don’t eat. You instead hydrate and take your supplements. And then from 5:00 to 7:30 is when you eat another moderate meal or a light meal. Then you go to bed three hours after you eat. So by 10:00, 10:30, you are back in bed sleeping. You caught the angel train. [Laughs] You are sleeping. You are off in the clouds of goody-ness. [Laughs] Then your body can do what it’s intended to do throughout the night, taking out the trash. And then you come back in, and you wake up, and your appetite is regulated, and you don’t feel hungover in the morning. So maintain your circadian rhythm.

Number four is eat fresh and in macronutrient balance. Yes. Macronutrient balance, this is the key to satisfaction. It is the key to long-lasting energy. It is. This is what you want to pay attention to when you are sitting down to eat is that you have macronutrient balance. That is the protein and essential fats and the vegetables or the quinoa and the wild rice, those kinds of grains. Delicious. And eat fresh as often as possible. In the NewYou90 newsletter that I sent out for this class, in there I have listed down the class number that these topics are in, so you don’t have to go searching. I believe it’s 6, 8, 9 and 11, I believe is what it is. But it’s in your notes, so you can go back and look.

All right. Number five, oversee your pantry. You’ve got to recheck the contents of your pantry. In fact, if you have finished this 90 days and you want to continue another 90 days, you recheck your pantry. You go through the Kitchen Cleanse document that I sent out during Prep Week. Go through that. Make sure your pantry, refrigerator, and freezer are still cleaned out and only have lifegiving foods. Also, this is a great time to ask those important questions. What if during this time when you go back to recheck your pantry and you find some foods and you think, “Huh? How did that get in there?” [Laughs] When did I get that?” These are great times to ask yourself: who am I as an eater and what archetype in me? Who showed up at the grocery store and bought that? What was happening that day? Was I just wanting something different or did something happen? Did I have a certain belief system flow through my mind when I bought that food? Huh? Great time to ask those important questions. And then ask yourself: am I still that person? And all of these questions are in your NewYou90 newsletter. Am I still that person? And if it is, what role is that feeding you? Think about that for a moment. What role is that archetype that you’re being when you are leaning towards that food that you feel is not nourishing and not beneficial for you to have right now, what role and what is that feeding you? What role is it? And how is it feeding you? That question right there, it can bring up a lot of different things. When we are asking yourself what role we’re playing in our life and how is it feeding me because evidently if it’s recurring, it’s feeding something. Right? It’s feeding something, so what is that? What could it be? Ask those important questions. Find out. Learn more about yourself, how you’re being every single day with every decision and action that you take. Ask those important questions. All right. Beautiful work.

And then we have the bonus: mindfulness. Being mindful in everything every day. This is what slow is about. It brings in the mindfulness, the pleasure, embodiment, increased energy and nourishment. And those were the last several weeks that we’ve been working together—pleasure, embodiment, increased energy, and nourishment. Yes. When we are mindful, we get all of that. We get all of that. It is so peaceful and feels so fulfilling and just at ease. Right? So much more at ease when we are mindful because we can experience more pleasure in our life. We can be in our body and at one with who we are.  Our energy is increased, and we are vibrant and filled with vitality. And then we are so nourished. We are nourished in our very soul. And when you’re nourished in your soul, guess what happens. You can be nourishment for others. That’s the beautiful thing about nourishment. When you nourish from the soul, you can be so much more, offer so much more. Magnetism. Whoo! Yes.  And you’re victorious.

Follow these tips and you will be living with improved health, vitality, energy, and power. Yes! [Laughs]Yes, you will. Yes, you will. So I want to leave you with this: physically and soulfully embrace your body. physically and soulfully embrace your body. Nourish it with food, movement, and rest. That soulful time that feeds us, it’s rest but it feeds us. And then digest food, thoughts, and emotions in harmony as nature intended for us to.

All right. So let’s check in. I want to remind you that we have Q&A every Thursday at 12:00 noon Central time. 12:00 noon Central time on the NewYou90 Mannatech Facebook group Q&A Live on Thursdays. You can email or text me your questions at or my phone number that’s listed there. Yes, please send in your questions. I am here to help you through this. Yes. So please send in those questions so that we can walk through it, walk through your hiccup, walk through your celebration, bouncing through your celebration. Whatever it is, send me those questions so I can answer them for you, so it makes it easier for you to transform and to become what you’ve always wanted, body, soul, spirit.

All right. So your next step, so you can continue with the next 90 days or maintenance. You have all the material. You have access to all of the library of videos that we’ve done here. And, also, whatever audios we’ve done, you have access to those. You have access to the NewYou90 Newsletter. You have access to the Q&A Thursday. From here on, you have access to all of that. So keep going. Keep going. Keep implementing.

Or if you find that you need just a little bit more, you need more coaching, more guidance, more accountability, any of that, then these are three areas that you could move into. The NewYou90 System also has a group coaching that we are creating now, a group coaching that is going to do laser coaching. It’s an opportunity for me to coach on a topic that is being discussed around, either on finding it on Facebook or it’s something a lot of questions have been coming to me. There will be a coaching topic plus an opportunity for laser coaching. That is 99 a month for three months. So you get two group calls each month. It’s the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month in the afternoons. I try to position it around lunchtime, so it makes it easier for people. So it’s going to be a 1:00 Central time. That’s where it stands now. Excuse me.

Next, we have a Rock-Solid Mindset Boot Camp. This is a boot camp where I coach you through mindset tools and techniques. We really get into the closed versus open. We dissect the thoughts that are coming in, and we learn how to turn those around, to completely change them and transform them so they do not run amok in your mind any longer. And that is a boot camp that I formulate as groups come in. So if you are interested in the Rock-Solid Mindset Boot Camp, I will have one starting the 1st of May. First week of May, we will be starting a Rock-Solid Mindset Boot Camp. So if you’re interested in that, holler at me.

Then we have one-to-one coaching, of course. One-to-one coaching, love that. We really dive in. This is a six-month coaching plan, where we really dive into what your needs are, where are you coming from, who is the archetype that keeps sabotaging you, what emotions keep coming up in your life sabotaging you, will you regulate those, learn how to regulate them. We also dive into digesting thoughts, experiences that are causing a hiccup in your life. If you have eating behaviors, whether it’s binge eating, overeating, not eating, being overly… Golly, the word just left my mind… but where you are overly pure with your food and it’s causing an upset in your life, if you have any of those things, if you are so dissatisfied with your progress so far and you’re thinking, “Wow. I just really need to plug in and go and get something. Something’s missing,” if you’re that person that something is missing, you just haven’t been able to get it right, then one-to-one coaching is for you. One-to-one coaching, yes. So those are your three options right now. If you would like to discuss any one of those, please feel free to reach out to me at the information that I gave on the previous screen. I’ll bring it back up, It’s or my phone number at 214-682-9867. Feel free to call me or email me, and we can discuss which one is right for you.

All right. Here is my information again. So the Rock-Solid Mindset, it is being rock-solid in your mindset and moving forward, intentional. That is what ends your struggle. That right there. Rock solid, yes. All right. Thank you, everyone, for being here on this 12-week journey. It has been an honor, a true honor for me to be with you through this whole time. Thank you for trusting me. Thank you for confiding in me. Thank you for showing up, 100% being there for yourself because you have wanted to make these changes. And, “Bravo.” Oh, I am celebrating you. I am cheering you on. So excited and happy for you and your results. I am here. Please attend the Q&As on Thursday. I am there from now on. So touch base with me and be sure and check back in and find out what your next step is. Don’t just leave yourself hanging. Make a commitment. What is your next step? You’ve got this. Yes!  You’ve got this. I look forward to seeing you guys in Q&A. Have a wonderful, wonderful day/evening. Good night.

Recorded and current as of March 25, 2019

Always consult with your physician or other qualified healthcare provider before embarking on a new diet or program. This program is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women. If you are taking medications, have a health condition or are planning a medical procedure, consult your health professional before beginning this program. It is also not recommended for children under the age of 18. If you have any specific questions about these matters, you should consult your doctor or other healthcare provider.

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