Coaching Call – Transformation Challenge Week 5: Check-in, Review and Celebrate (Video Transcription)

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Hello and welcome to week five of our NewYou90 Challenge. You guys are doing so good. I’m so proud of you. Thank you for being here, engaged, present, and persevering, and just continuing on. Any time we start a new protocol for eating, exercise, stress management, soulful workouts, it takes time to integrate that into our life. We will have hills and valleys, and that’s okay. That’s part of the learning process, so please have patience with yourself. Tonight is the night that we are going to check in and review. You’ve been on this for a month, little more than a month. Some of you longer than that, but in this challenge it’s been a month, and we want to recognize all that you’ve accomplished, all that you’ve learned, and see what you’ve been able to integrate. Seeing what you’ve had trouble integrating with, and for you to really be able to look yourself in the eye, and see what you have not been able to do, and the reasons why.

What is the holdup on some of them? Sometimes, it’s just because it’s a lot, and you’ve got to take it one step at a time. If an emotional occurrence or an emotional disturbance happens whenever you think of practicing one of the techniques that I’ve taught you, then that means it needs to be addressed. Anytime anything causes an emotional disturbance, that is a question mark. That is a place for you to see what’s happening and to see where the disturbance is coming from. All right, you guys! I’m going to begin showing my slides with you. Bear with me. Hang tight while I get that shared.

We are back. I am so happy to be here with you tonight. I love technology, because it allows us to get together, and every once in a while we have a user hiccup. [Laughs] But that’s okay. We are continuing on. Welcome to week five. This is the time for us to check in, and not only check in with the protocols that we have put in place, but also to check in with our mindset. Our mindset, and you may be asking, “Okay. How’s my mindset got anything to do with this? I am rocking on this! I am 100%! I am going,” and I am so glad that you are! Our mindset is key. Any time we begin a new program, and we’re excited about the results, we’re going to get the results. We are getting the results that we are living. We find that our mindset is right in line with this. What happens a little bit further down the road is, because our mindset is being geared towards another channel that it may float into that, right now, while you are feeling so strong-minded, it could float in, in the next month or so, maybe even after the third month. However long it takes for your old patterns to catch up with you, just know this. Your patterns are going to catch up with you. You’ve had them for far too long for them not to. Just know this, and just trust in the process, that it right now is great. Right now, you are just going strong. You’re catching on to the TruHealth system, how it operates, how to eat macronutrient-balanced, how to eat high-quality, how to eat the low-glycemic, all that is just flowing, and you’re doing really good. Just know, do not be so naive as to think that those patterns that you’ve had in the past are not going to show up, because they will. The purpose of tonight is to check in, so that you can integrate those tools that you’ve learned that much more. That much more, these tools are going to be integrated in with you. This is a key week, right here right now, is key. The stronger we create these techniques and tools that you’re learning, the stronger you will be when that pattern shows up. You’ll be armed and outfitted with the tools necessary to eliminate that pattern. Here we go! I’m going to hide me, and let’s get started.

We have accountability partners, and I believe everyone is matched up now, at least those that have reached out to me. If you do not have an accountability partner, please message me, and let me know, and let me do another announcement. [Inaudible 00:04:47] important for you to have someone you can lean on, somebody you can text and say, “Hey, this is what I had for breakfast. What did you have?” [Laughs] Or, “Hey, it’s three o’clock. I’m really craving something. Talk me out of this.” Anything. An accountability partner is wonderful. Be sure and continue working with that person. I suggest you reach out to each other daily to every other day. It doesn’t mean you have to have an hour-long conversation. It means you’re checking base, whether it’s by phone, whether it’s by text, iMessage, FaceTime, whatever it is, and remember these don’t have to be longer than five minutes. You just want to check in with each other. How are you doing with your shakes today? How are you doing with your lean and green meal? How are you doing with the Circadian rhythm? Check each other on the points that we’re going to be going through today. That is your checklist, so that you can check with your accountability partner how they’re doing in each of those areas. You don’t have to cover all of them in one session, just go over a few. Pick three to go through. That list will help you as you move forward with your accountability partner. Also, be mindful that, if you are in this challenge to win one of the prizes, then make sure you have a qualifying purchase, which is one of those bundles that was announced in the very beginning of the program. It’s also on the NewYou90 site. We also posted it on this call and on Facebook for the newsletter. It was in one of those places, but make sure it’s a qualifying purchase. If you have questions about what that is, be sure and let me know. Patty wanted me to let you guys aware that the 10K winner for the 2018 challenges will be announced at Mannafest. I believe they had said in the fall that it was going to be announced in January. They decided to hold off on that and announce it on the stage for the first time in that venue. Stay tuned for that. That is another reason you guys need to get to Mannafest. Be sure and get there. I’m going to be there one of the days. They’re going to have me doing something, and it’ll be Thursday or Friday. Make sure you are there, so that we can meet up and chitchat. I will also, when we’re not in a class together or however they’re going to set that up, I will have a booth. You can swing by and say hello. The Q&A for Facebook Live is on Thursdays. This is when you are typing in your questions to me all week long, and I answer them live to you on Facebook on Thursdays at 12:00 noon. Look forward to seeing you then.

Here is our checklist of 13. Can you believe that in four weeks you have learned how to adopt and integrate 13 items into your new eating management, eating protocols? Pretty amazing, isn’t it? I would like for you to look through this list. Let’s start with the healthy grocery list and shopping expedition. Do you feel you have mastered that? If you feel you’ve mastered it, put an M next to it. If you feel it needs more work, put a question mark or a Q next to it. Healthy grocery list and shopping expeditions. If you need to have a brush-up on what that is and what it entails, go to the prep week coaching call. It was recorded for you. It is in the announcements page. You can also go to the prep week email newsletter that I sent out. It is also located on the announcements page. Next, we have the morning ritual with visualization. Have you worked this one in? We talked about it during prep week and week one, and how vitally important it is for you to spend a few minutes. I’m not talking you’ve got to be in this for 30 minutes, just two to five minutes. If you’re just starting in two minutes, dreaming about what you are going to attain with the 90-day challenge, what is it? What is it you want so badly from this 90-day challenge? Is it more responsibility with food? Is it inches lost plus knowing how to be an eater during your day-to-day activities? Is it adopting an exercise protocol while you are losing inches? Managing your stress? Lowering your stress? What is it that you are wanting? Visualize that, and write it down. Write it down, what you want. Have you mastered that? Is that an M or a Q for [Inaudible 00:09:52] question? Then, mindful eating with breathing. That is when you’re slow. Eating slow, mindful. You’re not doing two things at once. You are only focusing on mindfully eating. You’re checking in with the eating speed. Are you making sure that you’re breathing between bites, you’re putting your fork down between bites, that the bites are not really large, that the bites are small bites, so that you can enjoy the flavors of the food? Have you mastered that? Put an M next to it. Or, is it a Q? Is it still in question? Eat to the point of energy. This is when you stop before you’re full. You’re able to put that fork down. Put the napkin over the plate, so you do not eat any more, and you feel good. You feel energized. You don’t feel like you have to stretch up really tight in order to make space for all that food. You’re comfortable. You’re light. You could go for a walk after your meal, because you ate to the point of energy. I don’t mean a fast walk. I’m talking one of those meditative walks, yes. Cleanse days, how are you doing on your cleanse day? Are you getting in the four TruPures a day? Are you drinking plenty of water? A hundred ounces of water, ninety ounces of water. Are you getting your water up to that point? With the TruPure, that makes it really easy, because you’re getting in, what is it? 16 ounces at a time on those. You ought to be getting it up there and filling the rest in there with water. On your cleanse days, are you getting in the one smoothie a day, TruCleanse smoothie plus the two vegetables the rest of the day with just a few fruits, or are you eating a lot more fruits than you think would be better not to? How are you doing? Then, your nourish days, how well are you doing on nourish days? Are you doing one shake a day or two shakes a day? Do you feel like you’ve mastered that, and you’re doing very well? Do you feel like you’ve mastered the lean and green meal? Ask yourself. How am I with the nourish days? Put an M next to it for mastered it or a Q for question, it’s still in question. Supplementation. How are you doing with your supplementation? Are you getting your products in twice a day, or if you do them three times a day? However it is that you’ve set it up, and that is your goal, how are you doing on your supplementation? Mastered it, or is it still in question? If it is still in question, if you skip, or you miss, you forget, because you hadn’t been taking supplements very long, you’ve never taken them before, and now you’re taking them, and it just is an uncomfortable routine, then listen to my talk at the Saturday training this past. It’s Februaries, Saturday training. You’ll find it at In that, I talk about habit transformation and how to bring habits and new patterns into your life easily. You can, in that supplementation issue, will help you with that. Eating rhythm. Are you eating in alignment with the sun? Have you mastered that, or is it still in question? Macronutrient balanced meals, we just discussed that last week. It’s probably still fresh in your mind. Have you mastered it, or is it in question? Food quality. Increasing your food quality. How are you with that? Have you found it easy? have you mastered it? Or, is it still in question, you still are having cravings and following through with those cravings that you had before you started? Food journaling, that’s brand-new, too. I am wanting to check-in with your food. How are you doing? Are you recognizing the amount of food you’re taking in your body? Is it the right amount? The types of food you’re choosing, are those the right amount for you at this point in your life, during this journey? How is your stress level? Are you eating to the point of energy, or are you so stressed that you’re overeating? When we eat in a stress state, we tend to overeat. If we’re eating in a relaxed state, we tend to eat to the point of energy. Eat relaxed. See what else you can find out about who you are as an eater from the food journal. You’re daily and weekly exercise routine, have you mastered that, or is it still in question? Then, meditation and quiet time. I gave you a meditation during one of the week one or two I believe, a meditation that you can use. Have you mastered getting quiet? This is the number one best way to lower your stress. It is, meditation and quiet time, soulful time, prayer, reading scripture, reading any book that inspires you to thought. Not inspires you to go out and get active, and forget about everything, you’ve got to get moving, not that. Something that will bring thought to you, because it is getting to the heart of you, is what lowers your stress, lowers the blood pressure, and has every system of your body functioning optimally. Find that time to get quiet, and begin slowly. Begin with five minutes, and gradually build up from there. You want to look through these, and ask yourself, which items are you celebrating? Look at your list, and which ones do you have an M next to? Those are the ones you’re celebrating. I want you right now to go, yes! I am doing it! I did it! Look at all of the ones I’ve mastered! I want you to really talk to yourself. Self-consciousness cannot come into play here, shyness cannot come into play. You are in your own home, or in your car, wherever you are listening. You can celebrate what you’ve mastered. I want you to really take a moment, right now, to celebrate that. You are so worthy of that celebration. Celebrate what you’ve accomplished. This is a big deal. I do not expect you to have mastered all 13 of these. Not at all, but you want to recognize the ones that you have mastered, and celebrate. Then, the ones that are in question, we look at those, and we go, “Okay. How can I work on one of those this week?” Just one. Whichever one pops out at you, the first right then, that’s the one you work on. The one that just pops up for you, work on that one this week. I also want you to look at this list and see which ones are a real challenge for you. I want you to circle those. The ones that are a real challenge for you, and what I’d like for you to do is, the ones that you circled, that are challenging to you, I want you to message those to me or email them to me, because I can address those on that Q&A. Circle them and send them over to me on the Q&A, or if it requires you and I to talk through iMessage for us personally, then I can do that as well. You and I can do a solo deal on iMessage. Otherwise, circle it and send it to me, so that we can discuss this. I can answer what those hiccups could be on the Q&A. If you need more time with this, after the call I want you to go through it and spend more time deciding which ones you’ve mastered, celebrate them. The ones in question, pick one to work on this week, and then the next week you’ll work on another one. The next week, you’ll work on another one. You only want to take in one a week, because for the next several weeks I’m going to be sharing more things with you, and you do not want to have too much new on your plate. Let’s move on. When you are journaling in your, whether it’s the food journal or a journal time that you do by yourself, whether it’s gratitude journal or your goal journal, whatever type of daily journal you keep, I want you to go through and make changes. What physical changes have you experienced? What emotional changes have you experienced? What shifts in your health and fitness level have you experienced? Your mental, your mindset? How is that right now? The spiritual shifts, as well. Take a picture of this, because I do not believe this was in the email. It was something that I was inspired about over the weekend. Take a picture, and see what changes come up for you from the journal. The reason why I have set aside time for us to check in like this is because when we check in and really review what we’ve done, and make sure we know where we are in our journey, in the process of shifting, and changing, and moving forward, it keeps us from getting sidetracked. Sidetracked from old patterns, sidetracked from behaviors that we’ve had in the past, or just sidetracked with life. It eliminates that. It also eliminates our ability to self-sabotage, which we as humans become really good at that. When you check in, and review, and get real with yourself, celebrate what you’ve mastered, look at what’s in question, see what’s really challenging you, and then journal important changes that are taking place, it helps offset that self-sabotage, because you are celebrating. When you celebrate, you are doing so many things. Pleasure chemistry is shooting off within your body. Any time you have pleasure chemistry, which we’ll be going through this later in the coming weeks, when you have pleasure chemistry going on, you are burning fat. Celebrating what you’ve done is wonderful, and that is a great way to receive pleasure chemistry. Another thing is the brain loves endorphins, and when you celebrate with emotion, you are giving the brain endorphins, and it loves that. It loves, loves, loves to feel good, your brain does. Your brain will want to remember to do those things again, and again, and again when you give it pleasure that way. All of this, also, adds to the reduction of cravings. You will also see a reduction in your cravings when you are patting yourself on the back, feeling good about what you’re doing, because you’re inspired. When you take that time to celebrate, you are inspired. Also, when you see what changes are happening, what shifts, whether physical, emotional, health, fitness, mental, or spiritual, when you are looking at those and seeing those changes that have taken place in just four weeks, oh! It really does build you up. Build up your self-confidence, yes. You won’t be falling back into self-sabotage or cravings, the need to feel good about yourself. You won’t be falling into that, because you will see for yourself. You’ll have proof. Also doing this reduces and eliminates the reduction of mental energy. When we are stressed about how we’re doing on a protocol, and stressed thinking, “Oh, I just don’t have it. I’m not any good at this.” Going through that type of verbiage with the self, over and over again, it depletes mental energy. We don’t want to do that. We want to feel energized. We want to feel mentally alive, mentally clear. The way that we do that is we check in with ourselves, and be honest, and celebrate what we’ve mastered. Take a step forward into what is challenging us and work on it. Step into it 100%. Don’t allow yourself to be sidetracked by old patterns that may come up. Celebrate what you’re doing each and every moment. Celebrate what you’ve mastered. That’s important. Then, when you’re witnessing these physical, emotional, and fitness changes you have, spiritual shifts that you’ve got going on, oh wow! It’s a time to celebrate. If you look at this and you think, “Wow. I don’t. I don’t have any shifts or changes. I’m not experiencing any of that.” If that is what’s happening with you right now, I would like for you to take a moment to get quiet within. I want you to ask yourself. What one thing was beautiful for me today? What one action step did I take that led me in the right direction? You only need one. I am sure. I am confident in the fact that you did one. Celebrate that one moment, that one step, that one action that you took that put you one step forward. Then, tomorrow you build upon that step. The day after that, you build upon that step. The day after that, you build upon that one. Do not get discouraged. Changes are coming. Changes are happening for you right now. Just keep going. You’ve got this.

Let’s visit for a rock-solid mindset. I gave the rock-solid mindset as calm, centered, and certain. You notice that from the dedication I did to my sweet Mama Fred who inspired me to move ahead in the direction of my passion, and that was around empowering people with food, empowering people with their health, empowering people in their life. This mindset, the calm, centered, and certain, remind me so much of her, because that was the way she was. She was calm, centered, she was certain. It was beautiful. It was beautiful to witness, and it was also [Inaudible 00:25:40] so fortunate. I am so fortunate to have had her in my life. I want you to think, right now, think back through the day, and ask yourself. How is my mindset? Was I set to what I’m wanting to do in this TruHealth challenge? Did I have my vision, my goal right in front of me, right at the front of my thinking every single moment of the day or at least three times a day, two times a day, whatever it was, to help you just reach for that. When it is there, top of mind, it draws us. It helps pull us, and it actually shoves us up towards it, so that we are reaching that goal, and we’re taking steps every day to reach the goal. That is another way that you can use that visualization, is to continually have that picture in your mind of what you are accomplishing in this 90-day challenge, so that you are being draw towards it every single day. One way that you can do that is by seeing it through your visualization. Then, you feel it. You hear this from me a lot. Any time you have emotional energy, emotional physiology flowing through you, you are setting something in stone. The kind of physiology, emotional physiology we want is the good stuff, is the joy, the happiness, the yay! [Laughs] That’s the type of emotion we want.  If you’ll notice, if you have the other emotion, the anxiety emotion, frustration, irritation, worry emotions. If you are experiencing a lot of those, then what you are seeing and what is coming to life for you in your life might not be what you want. It is wrapped in fear. When we have emotional physiology that is in belief, it is in joy, it is in happiness, it is in love, then that is the place where we are experiencing what we are wanting to create for ourself in this 90-day challenge. You want to feel the emotional physiology of your vision. You see it, and then you feel the vision within you. Get excited about it. What does it feel like to already be in that body that you’re wanting to create at the end of this 90-day challenge? What does it feel like? For you guys, does it feel like, “Yeah! I can stand up straighter,” standing taller, chest is out, stomach is drawn in? You feel confident. You feel strong. You feel masculine. Women, how does it feel to be in that body that you are wanting to attain? Does it feel slim and trim, and like you can move lightly, you’re lighter on your feet? You have this joyous expression on your face, and your shoulders are held back, and oh! You just are open to receiving. If you’ll notice, those two feeling experiences are different between the masculine and the feminine. That is because we as masculine and feminine witness and experience emotional physiology differently. I did it to where the masculine was feeling more of the masculine traits and the woman was feeling more of the feminine traits. They can cross over a little bit, because we are all a little bit of the other, of the opposite sex that we are, but you are majority. If you’re a woman, you’re majority female. If you’re masculine, you’re majority male. You do have a few traits of the opposite sex, because that helps us get along. [Laughs] It helps us be attracted to one another. However, in this, when you’re seeing it and feeling it, most likely your experience as a woman will be completely different from that of a man, and that’s okay. Women are going to be more open, receptive, nourished. It’s going to be more about nourishing others, nourishing self, being connected, whereas the masculine is going to be more about strength and vitality, and warrioresque. He’s a warrior. That’s going to be most of the emotional physiology he will feel. Feel it. Do you get it? I’ve got to spend some time with that, but it’s so vitally important. Then, the be it. Once you’ve felt it, you are witnessing how it feels to be it. You just wear it. It is your clothing for the day. It is your clothing, and that is what you wear. You are being it. You feel it to the very marrow of your bones, and then when you are there, and you’re being it, and then I love the declaration. You declare it. You declare what you are. You declare who you are. I am victorious. I am a victorious challenger. I am strong. I am worthy. I am so loved. I am vital. I am redeemed. I am valuable. Whatever your declaration is, write out that declaration. Put it on a note card, and stick it on your mirror, and you read that every single day, your declaration. That declaration will help you step in to see it, feel it, be it. When you wake up in the morning, you’re brushing your teeth, you look up at that. I am victorious. Yes, I am! All the sudden your vision will come to your mind. You’ll begin to feel your emotional physiology flow through you. You’ll understand what it is to be that vision, to be the one who was the champion at the end of the challenge. Yes. That is what the declaration can do for you, and the declaration, you can say it wherever you are, whenever you want, during the rest of the course of the day, and it will anchor you. It will root you back to your vision, back to what you are achieving in this 90-day challenge, and back to what you want so much. It is your top-of-mind goal. That is the rock-solid mindset. That is the champion mindset. You are calm, centered, and certain in what you are going out to accomplish, and what you are attaining, and who you are being, all at the same time. Powerful, yes.

I’d like for you to take a moment and just be with you. This is what I’d like to leave you with today. Your body is not your masterpiece. Your life is. It is suggested to us a million times a day that our bodies are projects. They aren’t. Our lives are. Our spirituality is. Our relationships are. Our work is. Stop spending all day obsessing, cursing, perfecting your body like it’s all you’ve got to offer the world. Your body is not your art, it’s your paintbrush. Whether your paintbrush is a tall paintbrush, or a thin paintbrush, or a stocky paintbrush, or a scratched-up paintbrush is completely irrelevant. What is relevant is that you have a paintbrush which can be used to transfer your insides onto the canvas of your life, where others can see it, and be inspired, and comforted by it. Glennon Melton.

I hope that inspired you today. I am so proud of you. Check-in reviewing is a hard step to take. Not hard. It is, it can be intimidating. It can be intimidating, especially when there’s been so much that you have been opened up to in the last four weeks. I am so proud of you. I’m so proud of you for all that you’ve mastered and all that you are working towards every single day to master. You have got this. You do. You are strong, and you are victorious. You are so victorious. Have a wonderful week. I will check in with you on Facebook Live on Thursday for a Q&A at 12:00 noon. I look forward to seeing you then. Be sure and send me in your questions. I would love to answer them for you. Have an awesome week. See you later.

Recorded and current as of February 4, 2019

Always consult with your physician or other qualified healthcare provider before embarking on a new diet or program. This program is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women. If you are taking medications, have a health condition or are planning a medical procedure, consult your health professional before beginning this program. It is also not recommended for children under the age of 18. If you have any specific questions about these matters, you should consult your doctor or other healthcare provider.

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