Coaching Call – Transformation Challenge Week 8: Allergens and Guidelines

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Hello everyone. So glad you are with us tonight. We are in Week 8. This is about allergens and guidelines. What a fun topic we are having tonight. If you have not experienced releasing allergens from your life, this may boost you to do just that. If there are things that are happening within your body that are not going the way that you want, then it’s time to take a look at allergens. And then we’ll also review some guidelines, but I am so glad that you are here, because this is a very important week. This is a week that you get to reflect back and see how things are really going with the food that you’re eating, the foods that you are choosing to eat. How are they processing within your body? Are you receiving nourishment, are the processes of your body acting the way that they should? [Laughs] So, it’s time to take a little look at all of that, and I am so happy that you are here. So, without further ado, let me grab my share screen and we will get rockin’.

Yes, this has been a fun week thus far, has it not? And it just started today. But how wonderful it is to be with you tonight. So glad we get to do this. All right, you guys, tonight is Allergens & Guidelines.  So, let’s get going. I do want to remind you that Q & A is live on Facebook on Thursdays at 12:00 noon Central Time. Those are two ways that you can contact me at my email address and give me your question that way. You can Facebook message me your question or you can text it to me at that number. All right? So those are the ways to contact me, and please, whatever questions you have, we would love to fill up that content on Thursday, so be sure and do that. Take that step forward out of your comfort zone and ask those questions.

All right, so let’s just kind of take a moment to pause, and I want you to realize that no matter what your progress has been, which I am reading some really good numbers on the Facebook group. But no matter what your progress has been, your success is taking place right now. It is taking place in this moment. With all of the changes you have made in the last eight weeks, your body is making changes and you are experiencing them. So if you have, I want to say hardened your heart, to see changes that are taking place within your body, I encourage you to open up your heart just a little bit and peek in and see what is truly happening for you. The reason why I mention this is because I have had several clients that do not celebrate and give themselves credit for even the smallest changes that have taken place. And we want to make sure that you are celebrating those, that you are seeing them. Because as we discussed last week on embodiment, you must celebrate those. You must recognize your efforts, recognize the changes so that you are accustomed to that different physique, that different body frame by the end of your weight loss journey. This way you are at one with that physique, you are responsible and proud and honoring of that physique, so that you maintain your weight loss. All right?

So one thing that I have found very important in the mindset work that I do with people who are needing and wanting and desiring to lose fat, is that you’ve got to be so careful with those thoughts that come in, and you will hear me speak about this a lot. I’m kind of throwing in splashes that once a thought takes root, it becomes a belief. And when that belief takes root, that’s what you become. So look at what thoughts are going through your mind. Are you recognizing the success that’s happening right now? Are you giving yourself benefit of the doubt? Are you giving yourself some grace? Are you celebrating? Whatever thoughts are going through your mind, those can take root, remember, when you give it more than seven seconds. It takes root and it becomes a belief when it’s thought about over and over and over again. And that belief is where you’re going to end up. So please continue that negative thought fast we started weeks ago, continue that negative thought fast and let’s keep going forward, moving forward, expanding and opening into a healthy life that you are wanting to create.

Let’s talk about allergen foods. I want you to know here that the body’s immune system is compromised if it’s continually fighting an allergen food. So, if you have eczema, and you are not taking care of the eczema, your body’s immune system is continually fighting that. We need to give the immune system a break. So, if you’re experiencing that, then take away foods that trigger yeast or trigger skin rashes. That’s what you want to eliminate. And see what happens. See what changes take place. You will want to eliminate wheat, dairy. We talked about these in prep week. Wheat, dairy, soy, corn, nuts, and seeds, shellfish and eggs. Those are the biggies, the big allergen foods. And, so if you did not eliminate those at the start of your 90-day program and you find that weight loss has slowed up or you are noticing a skin rash, something that you may want to take a look and reevaluate those allergen foods again. You want to begin by eliminating them for 30 days. If it’s not eliminated within 30 days, then you’ll want to go 60 or maybe even 90. But take a look at what those discoveries are. What happened when you eliminated these? If you’ve already done this, have any aggravating symptoms left your body? And we’re talking about fatigue, phlegm, inflammation, cough, body aches, indigestion, sour stomach, constipation, skin issues, dry hair, skin, and nails. All right? That is what we are looking at.

All right. So, steps to take. You want to eliminate the food, you want to make notes of the symptoms you desire to eliminate. So that food journal that I gave y’all several weeks back, this food journal’s really coming in handy right now. Because you can put this and make a new column on the end of that graph and note on there what symptoms are you wanting to eliminate. And then over the course of the elimination process, make note of any changes in your food diary of how you feel physically, mentally, emotionally. This is a big part of your fat loss journey, a big part. You want to be the healthiest you you can be. And know this. When you’ve eliminated these for 30 to 90 days, it doesn’t mean that you will never be able to have these foods again. That’s not what this means. Typically, when you give your body a 30- to 90-day rest from these allergen foods, or if you have sensitivities to even other foods, you can always add them back in later at little bits at a time. And we’re going to discuss that in a minute. But you can always add them back in. So, don’t think that just because you’re giving it up right now that you’re never going to have it again. There may be some that you will have to eliminate the rest of your life. One maybe, but not all of them.

Oops, sorry. Okay, so it wasn’t… I thought I may put it on there. So, the way that you will add this food back in, which this is in the email that I sent, your newsletter that came out today or last night. This is in that, so read that carefully. When you add it back in, you add back in one allergen food at a time and you do it once, you skip three days, you do it again. And you make note of any changes that you notice. Keep up with that pattern for a week to two weeks. If you notice no changes at all, then you can add that food in more often, say every two days and see what happens. You want to only add in one allergen food at a time, so you know what the issue was. Okay? So just one at a time. All right. And again, if you have questions about this, please send it in to me so that we can address these for everyone on Q & A Thursday. All right?

All right, so let’s talk about dietary guidelines for a moment. I wanted to review this. This is just kind of an outline of eating protocol, of what you’re doing with the food. And up your veggies in your daily eating. Take a look. If you’re just getting in two veggies a day, increase that up to four to six at this point if you can. If you’re doing a smoothie with your greens in it, then you’re getting probably four servings at one time and that’s awesome. But increase your veggies and you want to try a new one each week. So, go online and look up the different greens, the different cabbages, and other cruciferous vegetables and see what is out there that you have not tried yet and that you would want to try. And just experiment! I encourage you to try new things. A couple of years ago when I was filling my diet back up with some other vegetables that I had not tried before, I fell in love with endives. They are so good. I highly recommend endives. You can put hummus in them and they’re just like little boat sandwiches, so to speak, great for snacking. Yeah. Very, very good. So, if you haven’t tried endives, then give that a shot.

All right. So, two fruits a day is usually enough, but if you find you need a little more sweet in your life, then add another. All right? You can do that. And then just watch it and see if your weight loss changes, fat loss changes. Yeah. And if it does change to where it’s slowed down, then that’ll be a decision that you’ll need to make if the sweet’s worth it. Okay?

Reminder to eat protein, essential fat at every meal. The list of essential fats is right there. You ought to know these by heart right now. You want to drink water all day long. All day long. Oh, and I want to go back to the list of essential fats. I just saw this. I have on there olives and olive oil. I highly recommend that if olives are a staple in your diet, like they are mine, I highly recommend that you try a variety of olives. Don’t just get the ones that are on the store shelves. Find a store that has an olive bar and experiment with all the different varieties, because you will get something different from each one. You don’t want to eat the same one all the time. Okay?

All right. And then drink water all day. That is your main hydrator, right? So, drink water all day. Caffeine, eliminate completely on cleanse days. No caffeine on cleanse days. But on nourish days, you can have the GlycoCafe! And if there’s another coffee that you love, then you can do that. Just watch your coffee amount, because we don’t want too much stimulation while you’re trying to burn fat, because that’ll take your distress [Phonetic 00:12:23] response. So, one cup a day, maybe two, maybe. But one cup a day is great.

All right. So now let’s move on to no alcohol during [Laughs] the 90-day time period. None whatsoever. All right? And that is just to help you. If you love red wine… I have had several clients that will drink the occasional glass of red wine and it does not inhibit their fat loss. But if you are really wanting to clean up some things this 90-day period, I highly recommend you just clean it up all the way around and get it done. [Laughs] And get it done. All right.

And then finally, choose foods from the low glycemic index for balanced blood sugar and greater fat loss. Yes, low glycemic. That’s the way we’re eating on this 90-day challenge, because remember, with low glycemic eating, your blood sugar stays normalized. So envision a graph in front of you, and if you eat a food that is not low glycemic, that’s high glycemic, it’s going to spike your blood sugar level very high. And then you’re going to crash and it’s going to drop it below the normal level. And then if you eat another food that’s high glycemic, you’re going to go right back up and spike over the normal field of the graph, and then you’ll crash. And when you do that, your body goes into a starvation response, stops losing weight, stops losing fat, and holds onto that fat and you burn muscle for energy. You go into that starvation response, and we do not want that to happen with any of you. So, make sure that you’re choosing those foods with low glycemic index. If you are on maintenance, and there is a moderate glycemic food that you want to have, or even a high glycemic food that is deemed natural food, God put it on this Earth, and it’s natural but it’s high glycemic, just combine a protein or an essential fat with it and it will help slow down the blood sugar process. But that’s only if you’re on maintenance, okay? Great job, y’all.

All right. We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are. So, it’s time to shed those behaviors and habits that are holding you hostage, those that are keeping you wanting to go towards a high glycemic food and you know that that’s not going to get you where you want to go with your health, with your fitness level, with your body weight. So, what we want to do is love and care for ourself and really honor ourself and our body during this time and learn a new way of doing things, a new way of doing things. So much fun. The email address right there, I know that the little coach banner’s in the way. It says and Ashly is A-S-H-L-Y. All right?

All right. So, you could experience some hiccups along the way and if you are, I just want you to know that there’s additional coaching for you. You can go to the website and look at the different coaching options that I have available if you are needing some more laser coaching, one-to-one, any of that, if you’re having a difficult time with a lot of hiccups. Okay? So, be sure and reach out to me if you would like to discuss that further.

All right, y’all. Yes, yes, yes. So fun. What a fun, fun topic, allergens. Check in with yourself. If you haven’t been keeping that food journal, it may be a good idea to start that this week and see how you are responding to all of those foods. Okay? I look forward to hearing from you before Thursday with all of your questions. Email them to me, Facebook message me. Any way works for me. Just get those questions in to me and I will show up with full answers on Thursday at 12:00 noon.

Thank you so much for joining me this evening, and I look forward to talking with you soon. Have a great night. Bye!

Recorded and current as of February 25, 2019

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