Coconut Oil – An Abundance of Benefits and Uses

Whenever I think of coconut, the Maui air invades my senses and it transports me to the beautiful islands. As I use my senses to draw it in, I become present-focused in the exotic and delectable nature of the coconut. The scent of coconut is so exotic and desired that companies put the fragrance in body lotions and suntan lotions.  Talk about “see the coconut, feel the coconut, be the coconut”!

There are many times that the smell of a favored food brings back warm and fuzzy memories, which makes you want to wrap yourself up in its delightful nature. That is what coconut does for me.  How about you?

Coconut is a favorite with vegans and those who go Paleo so you will find a huge supply of recipes out on the web, using this great tasting oil in alternative baked goods and as a part of everyday food preparation.

Coconut is known as one of the healthiest foods and strongly recommended to add to your daily diet. Its level of essential fatty acid is off the chart good! It is high in Omega 6 fatty acids and phytosterols (known to decrease LDL levels).  The bonus component of the coconut is lauric acid which converts to monolaurin, a fatty acid that helps you fight off viruses and infections.

Because of these components, there are many health benefits you may gain by adding coconut to your daily regimen. Take the time to research coconut oil and your health concern and learn how coconut oil might benefit you.

Not all coconut oils are created equal:

Pay special attention to the labels. When first selecting the coconut oil you want to bake/cook or use as a body moisturizer, choose one that is virgin or extra-virgin and unrefined. AVOID those that declare raw, cold-pressed and no heat. They are low in anti-oxidants. Also avoid hydrogenated, bleached, refined or deodorized.

Ways to use this wonderful oil:

  • Take 1 T a day by mouth
  • Sauté veggies
  • Add to salads or hot tea
  • Use as a body lotion
  • Use as a daily facial moisturizer
  • Rub a dime size amount on to the dry ends of your hair
  • Oil Pulling – swish in mouth for 20 min daily for exponential benefits

Coconut is a super food and comes in many different forms: you can eat the meat of the coconut, bake and cook with the oil, PLUS it also comes in flour form so you can use it as a flour substitute (it is gluten free!). Beware, you will use less than what the recipe calls for and it makes baked goods taste divine!

Enjoy adding coconut to your dietary plan!

Ashly Torian

Posted Under: Mindset Coach