Maintaining Optimism During a Crisis

During times like these, optimism may be thought of as hard to come by. It may seem easier to roll with the negativity and crisis mentality that is found all around us. This type of mentality can infect everyone within hearing distance, which in turn affects those all around them.

Crisis chemistry results from fear-based emotions and is highly contagious. In my opinion, there is more to fear from this invasion of peace than the issue at hand. Think back to the last time you heard on the news that “COVID 19 was a global pandemic and that it would only get worse before it got better.” What did you FEEL at that time? What did your mind DO?

Did it go into overdrive? Create scenarios of untruth?  Did it come up with ways to protect yourself? Did you FEEL a panic build within you? This panic is FEAR. This is what caused bathroom tissue, alcohol and masks to be in short supply.

This is full on CRISIS CHEMISTRY. Nothing good comes out of Crisis Chemistry. Thoughts that may have taken root in your mind are: don’t touch anyone, stay at home, you could get sick if you….this is really bad, it will only get worse before it gets better, this is only the 1st wave, the 2nd and 3rd will be worse.

These statements, news reels and thought processes fill the mind with FEAR thoughts which produce FEAR (CRISIS) chemistry.

FEAR chemistry creates:

  • Cannibalism – utilization of lean tissue for energy which increases fat on the body and around the organs
  • Oxidative stress – free radicals eating up all the good stuff in your body
  • Organ pressure – hard on organ function – organs must work HARD to function normally
  • Lowered Immune Function and protection

None of this is desired to maintain your health and wellness. In fact, Experts tell us that those at highest risk for COVID 19 are those with pre-existing conditions. Look at the above list again? This break down in the body (from FEAR Chemistry) can lead to and promote the pre-existing conditions they speak of.

Don’t you see? It doesn’t serve us to promote FEAR Mindset or allow it to take root within us.

When FEAR sets in, we block out the risk factors this type of biological chemistry creates in the physical body.  The head brain is designed to block this risk. It is designed to “save your life” So, when you are threatened by a real or imagined or perceived thought or experience, the brain will produce FEAR chemistry to save you in the immediate time period. All the while putting your health at risk in the long term.

We have one Saving Grace

We have 7 blessed seconds to rebuke a thought before it takes root in the brain and begins to build memory and belief around it. During these 7 seconds we can turn away from CRISIS chemistry. OR we can choose to believe the statement or mull about it and take it on.

Utilize these 7 seconds by ASKING FOR TRUTH.

The ONLY thing we have control of is our own interpretation of the events that are transpiring. It is what you “PERCEIVE” as a threat determines IF the threat is “real” and what you are going to do about it produces the biological result of either CRISIS chemistry OR PEACE chemistry.

We can all take action right now that will determine the current state of our health. Listed below are 3 ways you can take responsibility for your health today to Boost Energy and set the stage for PEACE Chemistry AND maintain an Optimistic Mindset.


While sleeping, the immune system releases proteins to promote a deeper sleep. On the flipside, infection fighting antibodies and cells are reduced when sleep deprived. (Mayo Clinic study) SO, get your sleep.

Catch the Angel Train – get 7-9 hours for the body’s systems check to take place. This is the time when the body goes through a clean out process. If this doesn’t take place OR get completed in full, the result is sluggish mentality and functionality. When this is left undone, you are living in yesterday’s trash. yikes!

Getting to bed by 10 pm and sleeping 7-9 hours supports the body’s Circadian Rhythm, which is the healthiest rhythm for the body to be in. This is the magnetic rhythm of the sun. BE in sync with it and your body will function OPTIMALLY.

Fat mobilization Boosts Immunity:

Extra weight compromises the immune system. Monitor the body weight by getting sleep and staying attuned to what you are feeding your body.

Sugar lowers immune system for 2-4 hours after ingesting. By Eating Low Glycemic you aid your body in the ability to stabilize the Blood Sugar level in the blood. This also supports the body’s ability to burn fat at rest and hold on to lean tissue.

Move often – short bouts of activity work wonders for the physical body. I recommend 1 min movement segments throughout the day. i.e. body weight squats, low impact hop-scotch, karate kick, jumping jacks, etc….

Breathe Deep. Energize the body with plenty of oxygen by taking deep breathing breaks throughout the day. This lowers stress levels and aids the body in the ability to remain calm during times of crisis. My favorite breathing pace is inhale for 6 – hold for 3 – exhale for 9.

Barefoot workout:

Spend 15-30 min outdoors walking barefoot in the grass (weather permitting). This connects and grounds the psychological and physiological nature of the body. It also gives you a Vitamin D Boost, which is shown to increase immune response within the body.

Barefoot walking will also renew to the soul (mind-heart-emotions). There is nothing like feeling the earth beneath the feet. You can also participate in quiet moments, meditation, DO nothing moments, prayer, resolving emotions.

But of all the things you can do, there are so many healthy examples out there, in any given moment the most important question to ask yourself is, “What can I do now that is life giving?”

Then take action and DO IT!

Ashly Torian

Posted Under: Mindset Coach