Make SLOW the NEW YOU!

“Slowing down is the NEW internal mechanism you need to increase your metabolic power.”

Slowing down is not NEW… it just isn’t used. And now is the perfect time to wipe the dust off and put that part of you to good use. Notice I said, “internal mechanism”. This is something that happens from within, it doesn’t mean you move slow and don’t get anything done… it means breathing, ebb and flow through stress, allow it (slow) to come in and seep through your body, soul and spirit so you are more effective with not only the running of your body but most importantly how you do life and how you share yourself with others. That combination is what makes a healthy body, soul and spirit.

What does SLOW do for you??

  • It puts you in the optimal state of digestion.
  • Your body will burn fat for energy.
  • You will increase calorie burning power.
  • Your immune system functions optimally.
  • Optimal state of assimilation of nutrients.
  • Increased oxygen uptake = metabolic power (burn more calories at rest).
  • Healing happens in your body.
  • Maintenance and repair of the body.
  • Healthy meals eaten in a relaxed state, you will receive full digestion, assimilation and nourishment of that food.
  • You will experience the 8 sacred metabolizers: love, truth, courage, compassion, commitment, forgiveness, faith, gratitude and surrender.

That sounds like a divine way to live doesn’t it?

All of this is available to you. Make the decision to slow things up with-in you, today…it’s never too late.

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