NewYou90 Q & A

Q: Why is it important for me to join and STAY with the NewYou90 community?

A: By joining the NewYou90 Mannatech Facebook community, you will have access to your fellow challengers. This is the place where stories of AH-HA, Wahoo, and Oh Boys are shared. This is also the place where you can access the coaching program that Mannatech provides all Challenge participants. As a a holistic eating and mindset coach, I provide you with the information and encouragement you need to choose success.

Q: I’m tired of “drinking” my meals. Do I have to replace 1-2 meals with liquid shakes in order to lose fat weight on this program?

A: No. This program is formulated to enhance the body’s ability to mobilize fat. You can do that utilizing the TruPLENISH™  protein shake for faster results. Or take it a little slower and still receive the results you are looking for. I will help guide and educate you through this process during the coaching calls throughout the challenge.

Q: I have lost weight only to gain it back several times over. What is so different about this program? And will the results stick?

A: That is a frustrating position to be in. Our goal is to help you eliminate this cycle. We do this in several ways:

  1. Educate you on the benefits of low-glycemic eating and how to adopt this way of eating as a REAL lifestyle.
  2. Provide excellent nutritional supplements.
  3. Teach you effective mind-body Nutrition and Eating Psychology Techniques  and guide you in eliminating patterns and blocks that have sabotaged your efforts in the past.

When you apply what you learn in this program, you can and will achieve dynamic results!

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