NewYou90 Q & A

Q: I have not exercised before. What is the best form of activity for me to do?

A: begin walking 15 min at a slow to moderate pace. A pace that is comfortable for you. Walk 3-5 times a week and add 5 min each week. Also begin a stretch routine. Breathe deeply and fully during each stretch. Hold stretch for at least a count of 20 – 60.

Q: when I get hungry between meals, what should I snack on?

A: if you are following the TruHealth protocol most likely if is by habit that you feel hunger. To determine if this is real hunger, drink a full glass of water and wait about 5 min. Typically the feeling of “hunger” will go away. If not, then snack on raw veggies or fix a ½ serving of TruPlenish.

Q: what can I use in place of milk for the TruPlenish Smoothie?

A: coconut milk, almond milk, hemp milk or oat milk.

Q: what can I use for a sweetener when on the TruHealth program?

A: stevia, monk fruit and coconut sugar are healthy alternatives to sweeten drinks or use for alternative baking.

Q: what is a healthy amount of “weight” a body can lose in 1 week?

A: the body can metabolize ½ pound of fat a day. The maximum weekly fat loss is 2 ½ pounds per week. During the first few weeks the body May release more weight in pounds due to excess fluids the body is releasing.

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