NewYou90 Q & A

Q: What if I have an allergic reaction to food?

A: An allergy is a physical resistance to something. If you have an allergic reaction to a food that is life threatening, seek medical attention immediately. For mild reactions, this could be a high amount of something in your body triggering an allergy. Look at the symptoms you have when you eat high-allergen foods–symptoms like moods, organ functions, digestion, skin, mouth–everything in your body. If you can isolate a food and determine it is the cause, avoid eating the food for 90-120-day rest from the food. You may then test the food by eating a small amount 1 day. Give the body a 3-day rest from the food and note if any symptoms occur. Repeat this process for a week or 2.

Q: If I have a belief that a certain food makes me gain weight, will it?

A: The head brain is amazing. When we repeat something often enough, the body begins to believe it.

Q: What is the gut/brain axis?

A: Neurotransmitters in the gut signal the brain to release chemicals, like serotonin, leptin and ghrelin, in the gut that affect your digestion, mood and behavior. When you trust what you gut has to say about what food to eat or not to eat, often times, it is right.

Q: What is meant by embodiment?

A: Embodiment is the body-mind connection. To be embodied means you have become the biological equivalent of the trait, activity, state of being. It is focused awareness. Deep breathing is a simple way to become embodied. Embody is to BE in your body with full and focused awareness.

Q: What is the best way to use embodiment to change my body?

A: The TruHealth Challenge works because it allows you to set goals and visualize what you want. When a VISION of the health, physical body and fitness level is kept at the forefront of your mind and you EMBODY that VISION, your behaviors and habits will begin to reflect that.  The foods you gravitate to will fuel and feed the physical body and fitness level you desire.  Visualization and clarity give you an anchor point to keep, and stay, on track.

Q: What time of day do your cravings hit you?

A:  Mid-afternoon around 3 -4 p.m are usually the hours when our bodies tend to dip and we don’t have as much energy. It may just be signaling this is a good time for us to chill. One thing you can do is understand the needs of your body. It may not need food, but may just need a rest. Slow down, hydrate and take a few deep breaths. When your craving is accompanied by procrastination or boredom, ask yourself what you are procrastinating about? Is there fear? What is keeping you from what you want to do? Try to discover what the fear-based emotion is stemming from. Boredom is not getting engaged in your life. Examine what is holding you back. This usually stems from fear. What are you afraid of? Turning to vices and experiencing emotions like procrastination and boredom is covering up fear or pain. It’s time to stop covering up and face your fears.

Q: When you crave a certain food to eat be sure to ask, “Is this food in alignment with my life and goals?

A: If the food you are craving does not serve your goals, then dismiss the food and move on. If the craving keeps coming back, look at why you are craving it. You may need to take a deeper dive into your emotions. Once the emotions are resolved around this craving, the desire for the food will dissolve.

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